Don’t use freedom as a financial “stop”

In the 12th issue of Financial Freedom titled “Safety – Independence – Freedom”, Ms. Luong Thi My Hanh – Asset Management Director, DCVFM Domestic Division has a fairly new share on the topic of freedom. finance.

Specifically, the show’s audience Quynh Nga expressed her desire to leave the city and return to her hometown, retiring early at the age of 32 when she had 2 billion VND in her hand and an apartment for rent in Hanoi, bringing passive income. about 12 million VND/month.

Before this situation, Ms. Luong Thi My Hanh commented: “You already have 2 billion VND to invest, if you calculate the average return on investment interest rate is 10%, then each month you have an additional income of 20 million VND. In addition to the rent of the apartment, Quynh Nga owns about 32 million VND per month. If your desired living expenses are below 32 million VND, you have entered the stage. financial freedom.”

Once you have crossed the threshold of financial freedom, if Quynh Nga continues to look for better investment opportunities, increasing her profits from 10% to 12-15%, the accumulation will increase. up.

However, if “leaving the city to return to the countryside”, the labor level is almost zero, then the 32-year-old girl also has to face many risks.

32 years old has 2 billion VND, has a house for rent, wants to retire to his hometown, but experts immediately assert: Don't take freedom as a financial stop - Photo 1.

Ms. Luong Thi My Hanh – Asset Management Director, DCVFM Domestic Division shared about “Financial freedom” in the Money Talk program. Photo: MoneyTalk

The female director of wealth management said: “The risk is always there even though you are still within the threshold of financial freedom. That can come from changing your desires, increasing living standards, for example yourself. I don’t like riding a motorbike but want to change to a car. Or fluctuations in investment, in life, all can bring risks.”

Therefore, not having to achieve financial freedom is to stop. Hanh said that we still have to continue to find ways to maintain and continue to balance that state of freedom.

“Financial freedom is not a stopover. It’s like a cycle of bicycles that must constantly rotate, requiring us to make constant efforts,” summarizes Host Duong Ngoc Trinh.

Besides, when the Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of life, not everyone can be assured of their financial freedom.

A lot of rental space is bounced, causing the passive income of most people to be affected. This is also a risk mentioned and discussed in the program. To balance the state, one must keep looking for other investment avenues.

Accordingly, Ms. Hanh said: “If Quynh Nga can invest 2 billion dong in her hand appropriately and intelligently, that money can completely finance daily expenses. Besides, the amount continues to grow more.”

Indeed, Financial “Safety – Independence – Freedom” – 3 concepts that are “similar” in the understanding of many people, are all words indicating stable financial status. However, these three concepts “look like they are not”, they are different financial states that each individual must overcome.

When talking about financial freedom, Host Ngoc Trinh emphasized “Investment is the biggest insurance for me to have a safe life and financial freedom.” Dung-lay-tu-do-lam-diem-dung-tai-chinh-202203191507357.chn

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