Eating regularly helps to nourish the kidneys and yang, extremely good for men!

In this era of high competitive pressure, men not only have to face work pressure but also have to shoulder the family. Therefore, protecting the kidneys plays an extremely important role, not only for the health of men themselves but also for their families.

When there is a kidney problem, the body sends out a lot of “alarm” signals. If you often have the following symptoms, it shows that your kidneys are weakening and you need to “nurse your kidneys” immediately.

1. Dark skin

Why does poor kidney affect human skin color? Since the kidney is the detoxification and detoxification factory of the human body, when it is not functioning properly, toxins will accumulate in the body leading to dark skin. So we cannot ignore the signals that the skin sends.

2. Back pain

Common symptoms of kidney problems are backache, backache, etc. Other symptoms of kidney disease include hair loss, accompanied by a lack of clarity of mind, inability to concentrate and memory impairment. .

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Back pain is a classic sign of kidney disease. Photo: Aboluowang

In addition, when there is a problem with the kidneys, it will also make the patient restless, insomnia, and the phenomenon of nightmares.

3. Tired

When the kidneys do not function well, many waste products will be difficult to excrete through the urinary tract, leading to feelings of lack of energy, fatigue, sluggishness, etc.

When there is kidney disease, the process of elimination through the urine will also be disrupted, resulting in protein and other nutrients leaking through the kidneys. Some patients will think it’s due to overwork or other causes that ignore the kidney problem.

4. Foamy urine

In general, the urine of patients with prostatitis or nephritis will be foamy, insoluble, and often accompanied by symptoms of frequent urination and incomplete urination. Therefore, if you observe these signs when you go to the toilet, you need to do the necessary tests to check your kidneys.

  4 foods known as

Prostatitis or inflammation of the kidneys leads to foamy urine. Photo: Aboluowang

To have good health, it is necessary to make small changes in life. You can eat more foods that nourish the kidneys, nourish the kidneys, to supplement the kidneys.

It has been found that the “champion” in nourishing the kidneys, if eaten regularly, will help the kidneys become “healthier”.

Here are the foods that have a very good kidney tonic effect, men should eat regularly.

1. Oysters

Men, if the kidney qi is not enough, can eat raw oysters regularly to nourish the kidney and yang. Oysters are rich in amino acids and are an important source of energy for the kidneys to metabolize urine, helping to eliminate toxins. It is also known as “man’s effective assistant”.

Men who eat a lot of oysters can improve masculinity, sperm motility and quality, and can also improve fertility.

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Oysters are known as “man’s effective assistants”. Photo: Aboluowang

2. Walnuts

Walnuts have high nutritional value. However, the most beneficial for men is the element zinc found in walnuts. Eating walnuts properly can nourish the body, tonic blood, and can help men make up for the lack of kidney qi.

In addition to eating walnuts raw, you can also use some to cook with rice or porridge. Eating walnuts properly can also delay the aging process.

3. Mulberry

Mulberry is a very nutritious fruit, rich in anthocyanins. Regularly eating mulberries has antioxidant effects, reduces the deposition of melanin under the skin and slows down the skin aging process.

Men who regularly eat mulberries also have the effect of tonic kidney and yang, promoting the detoxification of the kidneys, reducing pressure on the kidneys, opening the urethra, fighting urinary tract infections and preventing stone formation.

  4 foods known as

Men who regularly eat mulberry also have the effect of tonic kidney and yang. Photo: Aboluowang

4. Black beans

Among grains, black beans contain many minerals such as calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B12, amino acids and other substances that the human body needs.

Eating black beans can help the kidneys enhance the function of filtering urine, reduce the impact of toxic substances on the kidneys, and at the same time eliminate toxins and waste products in the kidneys and body, helping to reduce the burden on the kidneys. origin.


Kidneys are extremely important organs of the body, especially for men. Therefore, if you have problems such as waist, back, knee fatigue, disagreement in your sex life, it is possible that the health of your kidneys has deteriorated. You should pay attention and observe to properly nourish the kidneys as well as get timely treatment.

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