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Employees who quit their jobs need to get their social insurance books right away to enjoy these benefits

The social insurance book (social insurance) will be an important basis for employees to enjoy the necessary benefits. However, many people after quitting their jobs are still indifferent to getting social insurance books.

Vocational training support

According to Article 55 of the Employment Law, employees who have paid unemployment insurance premiums for 9 months or more during the 24 months before the termination of their contracts can apply for this support.

Dossier to enjoy vocational training support includes the following documents:

TH1 – Pending or receiving unemployment benefits but needs to learn a job at the place of employment: Application for vocational training support.

TH2 – Currently receiving unemployment benefits but need to learn a job in another locality: Application for vocational training support and Decision on receiving unemployment benefits.

TH3 – Eligible for vocational training support but not eligible for unemployment benefit:

+ Apply for unemployment benefits.

+ Application form for vocational training support.

+ The original or a certified true copy or a copy enclosed with the original for comparison of one of the following documents: Labor contract or work contract has expired or has completed work, decision to resign, dismissal decision, disciplinary decision forcing severance, notice or agreement to terminate the contract…

+ Social insurance book.

Thus, in case 3, in order to enjoy vocational training support, the dossier that the employee submits will have to have a social insurance book. Meanwhile, if the employee is pending or is receiving unemployment benefits, before that, the employee has to submit the social insurance book to the employment service center.

In short, if employees quit their jobs without getting their social insurance books, they will not be able to receive vocational training support. If the employee does not carry out the procedures for entitlement, the employee will lose this benefit and will not be able to accumulate it for the next time.

Unemployment benefits

Article 47 of the 2013 Employment Law stipulates that, in order to enjoy unemployment benefits immediately after quitting, an employee must fully satisfy the following conditions:

– Termination of labor contract or work contract. (Unless the employee unilaterally terminates the contract against the law, the person is entitled to monthly pension, loss of working capacity allowance)

– Having paid unemployment insurance for full 12 months or more in the 24 months before the contract termination.

– Have submitted the application at the employment service center within 3 months from the date of contract termination.

Dossier for benefits includes:

– Apply for unemployment benefits;

– The original/certified copy/copies enclosed with the original for comparison of one of the papers certifying the termination of the labor contract or working contract;

– Original social insurance book.

– Have not found a job after 15 days from the date of submitting the application for benefits. (Except for the following cases: performing military service, police service, being detained, dying, etc.)

Social insurance book is one of the required documents in the application for unemployment benefits. If the employee does not have a social insurance book, even if the employee meets other conditions, he or she will not receive unemployment benefits due to invalid records.

However, in the case of not receiving immediately, this unemployment benefit amount will not be lost, but the time of participation in unemployment insurance will be preserved and accumulated for the next time when the employee is eligible.

One-time social insurance

According to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 60 of the Law on Social Insurance 2014 and Clause 1, Article 1 of Resolution 95/2013/QH13, if the employee does not fall into special cases, the employee will be entitled to receive social insurance 1 time after 1 year from the date of resignation. .

Decision 222/QD-BHXH in 2021 specifically guides the application for one-time social insurance in this case, including:

– Original social insurance book.

– Original application form.

Accordingly, it can be seen that a one-time social insurance claim is also required to have a social insurance book. If there is no social insurance book, the application will be notified as invalid. Therefore, if they want to receive this amount, the employee must return to the old company to get the social insurance book.

However, if the employee does not withdraw the social insurance once immediately, the employee will not lose his/her benefits. The time of participation in social insurance will continue to be reserved until there are enough documents to make a one-time withdrawal.

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