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From a dumb-faced doll to a “golf sister”, every time she dresses up, she shows off her beautiful bust

Hien Ho is the character that is “cold” the most fierce name today, a series of love rumors have arisen that netizens cannot ignore. Hien Ho has always been a doll-like beauty in the eyes of the public, with a somewhat “indifferent” personality, but suddenly a series of love rumors surrounded people, making people stunned.

Despite many cosmetic suspicions, no one can deny Hien Ho’s innocent and beautiful face like a doll.

The “faceless princess” also has a sexy toned body and a luxurious and haughty fashion sense, becoming more and more sexy and seductive. Not showing her skin too openly, but Hien Ho has a very clever way of showing off her figure, just a little “umm” but still sexy and extremely inviting.

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No need to pose as fiercely as other Vbiz beauties, the peak showing off Hien Ho’s figure is the “stubborn” pose but still sexy and inviting.

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Her body is becoming more and more sexy and hot, Hien Ho shows off her “umm” figure in round 1, making people look at her without blinking.

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The baby’s face is innocent like a doll, but Hien Ho is increasingly showing off her hot toned body. The chest “heavy” peeking behind the indifferent shirt, Hien Ho is like the “sister” of Vietnamese showbiz.

Hien Ho: Showing off her round 1 increasingly fierce, emerging beauties on the golf course - Photo 4.

Even without a big bust like other beauties, Hien Ho with a gentle chest peeking out from a thin layer of clothes is also extremely sexy.

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Still keeping the same luxurious doll style, but now Hien Ho is much more sexy and sexy. Hien Ho’s “weapon of beauty” is her sagging chest, toned waist, and her “ignorantly eating” posing skills.

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Showing off her chest is not enough, Hien Ho also “booms” her chest line, challenging the imagination of the people.

Hien Ho: A

The nude corset design makes people have to rub their eyes a few times, not mistakenly look like playing.

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Just a few days ago, she was still shy, but now the tricks to show off her figure with lingerie no longer make it difficult for Hien Ho.

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Sexy with the usual style, but when going to the golf course, Hien Ho transforms into a “little sister” with a cute, clear style that everyone will fall in love with.

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In addition to the stage, the golf course is the place where Hien Ho appears the most. “Little sister” checks in continuously, wears innocent and clear dresses to join the famous sport for the rich, proving the luxury is no less than the beauty of Miss Vbiz. 20220319234113002.chn

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