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Giants give cars of billions and people who are dating are not the same person

From the night of March 19 until this morning (March 20), the public has not stopped talking about the drama related to a female singer Gen Z accused of adultery, snatching her senior’s husband, even though she knew that this person had a small child.

Recently, the female singer almost rarely appears on stage. Instead, she often attracts attention when “buying” billion-dollar cars, or checking-in luxury at the golf course. However, recently, another rumor related to this Gen Z female singer appeared online. Accordingly, a source revealed that the fact that the rich man gave a car of billions and the person this singer dated was not actually the same object.

Drama Gen Z female singer added

The source revealed that the giant who gave a car worth billions to the female singer was a big character known by many people. As for the object that this female singer is dating, it is not the above character. The person that female singer Gen Z is dating is a famous young man who is famous for being peachy when he is constantly rumored to be dating a series of runner-up, beautiful Miss. This young man is also known as a genuine designer when he owns a collection of expensive watches and a series of supercars.

However, up to this point, the insider has not spoken. All of the above speculations come from netizens, without any concrete evidence.

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