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Golf course – the “extremely hot” address loved by Vietnamese stars recently: People who come to show their love of love, those who work hard and look for a sincere man

Always known as a sport of the elite, golf is a way to show your class and personality. For that reason, recently, Vietnamese artists have competed with this expensive subject.

On the personal page of Vbiz stars, it is not difficult to see pictures of “check-in” golf courses with fancy dresses and sisters or lovers.

Besides exercising, this is also an opportunity for celebrities to turn the golf course into a catwalk to show off their expensive branded clothes. Among them is indispensable Huong GiangMatt Liu, Ngoc Han, Do My Linh, Huyen My, Hien Ho or many other Misses and beauties.

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Couple Huong Giang and Matt Liu are not afraid to show their affection on the golf course.

Vbiz stars often

Miss Hau likes to “drop her figure” on the grass, making netizens fascinated.

Known as one of the cult couples of Vbiz, Huong Giang and Matt Liu have both excellent beauty and a desirable career. After a long time of “hiding”, the couple finally officially announced their dating to the public. At the same time, they also have a passion for golf and constantly appear together on the golf course with acts of “love and peace”.

Not to be outdone by seniors, Hien Ho recently also started to come to this sport. She often posts photos of golfing to the point of being commented by fans as “checking in to the golf course more than singing”. The voice of “Then the lover turns into a stranger” always keeps a youthful and cheerful look that makes fans “melt”.

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On the female singer’s personal page, there is a picture of “jumping” on the golf course.

Vbiz stars often

Before Hien Ho, Van Mai Huong was also familiar with golf and loved it very much. Besides the tight schedule, the female singer still spends time practicing on the pitch.

Vbiz stars often

Van Mai Huong shows off photos on the golf course.

In addition to the singers, the Miss sisters also have a hobby of choosing a golf course as a gathering place. Famous beauties like Ngoc Han, Do My Linh, MC Mai Ngoc, Thu Hoai… are all veteran “players” of this luxurious sport. Every time this sister association appears, netizens have the opportunity to “satisfied” with their long legs, hot bodies and charming beauty.

In particular, MC Thu Hoai also found the love of her life just by going to the golf course. Thu Hoai and her husband fell in love with each other while playing golf. It is known that husband Thu Hoai – Hoang Nam, is currently the CCO (Business Director) of a leading high-tech golf training center in Vietnam.

Golf course -

Thu Hoai and her husband were in love with the golf course.

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Vietnamese beauties “red” the golf course.

Vbiz stars often
Vbiz stars often

Runner-up Diem My is considered one of the four most famous beauties of Vbiz on the golf course.

In addition, the “crocodile queen” Quynh Nga is also on the list. Every time a beautiful woman appears, netizens “burn their eyes” in front of her attractive body.

Vbiz stars often

Quynh Nga

Besides the famous beauties, the gentlemen are equally outstanding when appearing on the field. Vbiz male stars often show off their photos on the training ground, including actors Dawn, Hong Dangcouple Ho Hoai Anh and Luu Huong Giang,…

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Actor Binh Minh

Vbiz stars often

Actor Hong Dang

Vbiz stars often

Ho Hoai Anh and his wife Luu Huong Giang

Vbiz stars often

Matt Liu and Cuong Do La were also present.

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