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Hien Ho revealed another “hot” image with the giant boyfriend U60?

Recently, the online community continues to spread another intimate image between Hien Ho and rich boyfriend U60.

Notably, this image was taken at a super close range. Through the way of taking, it can be clearly seen that this picture was taken by Hien Ho personally to “selfie” with this giant. In the picture, Hien Ho is not afraid to lean close to the face of “the rich boyfriend”. Even Hien Ho’s arm was intimately wrapped around this person’s shoulder.

Looking at this action is enough to understand how close the relationship between the two is. Currently, Hien Ho has quietly locked his personal page.

Hien Ho revealed another

Before that, a netizen posted an image that is said to be Hien Ho taking an extremely close photo with a giant U60. In one photo, this giant even hugged Hien Ho extremely close. Looking at the close actions of both, many people speculate that the relationship between Hien Ho and the other giant is not simple. Currently, these images are being spread quickly on many online forums.

Hien Ho revealed another


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