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How does an anemone move when it encounters a starfish predator?

Anemone is a group animal aquatic predators. They are related to jellyfish, coral or water lily. Their body structure is quite simple, including a long cylindrical body, a tentacle head, and a large scoop at the foot that helps them cling to the large rocks on the seabed.

Video Anemone “run away” when detecting starfish

This species is fixed living and only eats the plankton that swim by, has no habit of looking for food. Besides, the body structure of the intestinal cavity species does not support much for movement. This is a weakness of them because the ocean floor is inhabited by countless species of predators. Among them, the starfish is one of the most dangerous enemies of the anemone.

The star-shaped animal seems to be motionless but moves continuously with thousands of tiny legs hidden under the stars. This species specializes in targeting low-moving animals such as anemones, water hyacinths, corals to attack and eat meat.

The sea anemone discovers a predator right next to it, has no choice but to “unleash” and swim away quickly so as not to be caught by the starfish.

Most sea anemones cannot swim, their life is fixed on rocks until being eaten. The sea anemone in the video is really special because it not only knows how to swing in the water, but also has a much higher will to live than other people.

Fortunately, on the way to escape, the sea anemone encountered many sea creatures such as crabs and fish, but none of them intended to eat this “sea flower”.

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