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It turns out that Hien Ho also owns a “shoulder hanger”.

Jennie is the first Asian beauty that makes people realize the standard of a beautiful shoulder. That shoulder needs to possess characteristics such as being slim but not too skinny, having a square angle, smooth skin, almost flawless… And Jennie’s “extreme” shoulder frame is called “shoulder” by the people. coat hanger”.

However, as it turned out, Jennie is not the only female star who has that heavenly advantage. Not to mention far away, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc of Vbiz is also lucky to own “shoulder hanger”. This advantage is fully demonstrated through the times she wears two-piece clothes, strapless dresses or off-shoulder tops.

Although the shoulder hanger is a relatively rare feature, if you work hard to find it, you will also realize that another Vbiz beauty also has this “masterpiece” advantage. That person is Hien Ho – the vocalist of a series of famous songs such as: “I Was Different In The Old Days”, “Then the Beloved Turned into a Stranger”, “Meet But Don’t Stay”…

Hien Ho’s shoulder frame has an ideal squareness. White skin like Snow White also helps Hien Ho to impress when wearing open-shoulder clothes. In terms of overall physique, Hien Ho also possesses a series of other desirable features such as: a slim, flat waist, a charming bust and a stable height of about 1m66.

Perhaps understanding her strengths, Hien Ho is very diligent in wearing designs that help her shoulders “shine” to the fullest, such as super-thin two-piece skirts, strapless dresses or off-shoulder dresses… Short hair Neatly also helps Hien Ho’s shoulder always occupy the spotlight, not afraid of being entangled and obscured.

The shoulder hanger is not merely to increase the charm of the wearer.

This advantage is also one of the factors that helps to ensure that whatever the owner wears, he can easily exude a luxurious and elegant look. Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes, Hien Ho only wears “foggy” off-the-shoulder clothes, with a simple design without a bold cut, her appearance exudes a charm that is hard to take her eyes off. With a pretty face, a beautiful figure, and knows how to promote a series of advantages through the way she dresses, Hien Ho is a formidable opponent in the “war” of beautiful Vbiz beauties.

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