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John Terry joins the race to buy Chelsea, will become the new boss?

According to the British press, John Terry will participate in the race to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich in a rather special role.


18 days ago, the president of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich decided to sell the London club to help the team not be implicated. The deadline to bid for Chelsea has been passed with a series of serious parties submitting candidatures.

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British press reported that John Terry suddenly joined the race to buy Chelsea from Abramovich.

Some investors are highly appreciated by fans such as Todd Boehly, co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club, British billionaire Nick Candy, the Ricketts family from the US or the royal family. from Saudi Arabia.

A remarkable information recently revealed by the British press is that the club’s legend, John Terry will also participate in this race. Of course, the former English player is not a billionaire, so he cannot buy the club outright. Terry entered the race with support from the True Blues Consortium, a community founded by people who love Chelsea FC.

The goal of this community is to negotiate to buy back at least 10% of the club’s shares for £ 250 million from the new owner of the club. True Blues Consortium will launch a community platform called CFC Exchange, run by PrimaryBid, that will allow each fan to buy the equivalent of £100 of shares.

The community will elect a representative to sit on the Chelsea executive board and John Terry is the brightest name for this position. The former England midfielder has confirmed his participation in this plan as a loyal Chelsea fan. In a recent statement, Terry shared:

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Terry wants to preserve the identity Chelsea has built over the past 20 years

“Chelsea have been an important part of my 22 years of life. I would like to see the identity of the club preserved as we turn a new page in history with new owners. I hope they are people with a long-term vision of the club. Build the club to be the strongest team and understand how important the club’s identity is.

I researched and decided to join True Blues Consortium. They are a group of lifelong Chelsea fans. We are committed to supplementing and supporting anyone who becomes a new club owner in fan engagement. We are here to protect the club.

I am very grateful to Chelsea Pitch Owners (the business that owns Stamford Bridge) and the Chelsea Supporters Trust (Chelsea fans association) for supporting and supporting us. We hope to welcome new investors to the club.”

In case this plan is successful, John Terry will not have the opportunity to sit in the chair of the club’s president because he only represents 10% of the shares. However, the presence of the team legend also helps fans feel more secure about Chelsea’s identity.

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