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Leopard hunting cubs playing with newborn antelope

TanzaniaBy 2 months of age, the cubs have learned to hunt when under their mother’s tutelage and encounter medium-sized prey, small antelopes.

Leopard hunting cubs playing with newborn antelope

Guide Francis Kijazi watches the special hunt for a mother cheetah and her two-month-old cubs in the Ngorongoro nature reserve, Tanzania. Latest Sightings reported on March 15. He and his visitors were observing the cheetah family when Grant’s antelope (Nanger granti) past.

“Grant’s deer happened to be passing by, obviously looking for its mother. It met another young deer and decided to lie down and rest,” said Kijazi. This pair of antelope is only about a day old because it is difficult to move and the umbilical cord is still attached to the stomach.

“Of course the mother cheetah noticed everything and started stalking her cubs. However, she realized that they were so weak that she could let her cubs play for a while. So she didn’t kill them right away. She called her cubs to join the hunt for lessons.” Kijazi said.

The little leopard was confused at first. Then one person took the lead and everyone immediately acted on instinct. While they were practicing hunting, the young deer also tried to fight back. Finally, the newspaper mother decided to take action to bring food home for the family. It knocked down one antelope while the others managed to escape.

In the past 12 years, this is the first time Francis has witnessed a small cheetah practicing hunting. Usually, people only see this sight with 5-8 month old cheetahs.

“While it is heartbreaking, humans should not interfere with what is happening in nature, like trying to save a baby antelope, for example. Instead, quietly observe this rare sight because it is also involved with the existence of the cheetah population in Africa,” he said. .

Hunting leopards (Acinonyx jubatus) is the fastest land mammal, common in Africa and Iran. They target prey such as deer, rabbits, wild goats and several other animals. The mother leopard usually gives birth to 2-4 cubs at a time. The puppies will stay with their mother and learn to survive for about 16 months.

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