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Love the girlfriend who never removes makeup, the guy is shocked when he finds out his real age-Young

Sunday, March 20, 2022 13:00 PM (GMT+7)

Thanks to never removing makeup, Ms. Duong – a 50-year-old woman with a husband and children deceived the young man nearly 400 million VND.

A rare incident happened in Heilongjiang province, China. Specifically, in June 2021, Mr. Trieu through social networks met a girl surnamed Duong, 32 years old. Ms. Duong is a wedding makeup artist, often applying makeup for herself when going out.

After a few meetings, Ms. Duong actively pursued Mr. Trieu, so the two stayed together. In order to develop more feelings, which is also a favorable topic for Ms. Duong’s work, Mr. Trieu quit his job and moved to live with his girlfriend.

During the time the two lived together, Ms. Duong never took off her makeup. Trieu had questions a few times, but Ms. Duong explained that she worked as a wedding makeup artist and might have to go out to work at any time, so she didn’t remove her makeup. But in fact, Ms. Duong is afraid that once she removes her makeup, Mr. Trieu will realize her true age.

Loving his girlfriend who never removes makeup, the boy was shocked when he discovered his real age - 1

Ms. Duong is confessing her behavior at the police station.

Ms. Duong also used work as an excuse, often leaving home 3-4 days/week. In fact, this time, Ms. Duong returned to her husband and children.

Living with Mr. Trieu, Ms. Duong also lied that she was pregnant, wanted to take care of the pregnancy, and then used all kinds of excuses such as wanting to buy cosmetics, helping her cousin sell a harvester, helping her granddaughter buy a mobile phone.. consecutively tricked Mr. Trieu 110,000 yuan (nearly 400 million dong). This money is used by Ms. Duong to buy household items.

Then one day, Ms. Duong suddenly cut off contact with Mr. Trieu, once gone and never returned. When he discovered that he had been cheated, Mr. Trieu decided to go to the police station to report the case.

Receiving the case, the police followed the clues and recently, they found Ms. Yang in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province. At this time, the identity of Ms. Duong was clarified, it turned out that Ms. Duong was 50 years old, a married woman with children. Ms. Duong deceived Mr. Trieu because she never took off her makeup.

Currently, Ms. Duong has been arrested for fraud and appropriation of property. The case is receiving the attention and attention of the public.

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