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Marriage without sex, how will it feel?

Marriage without sex, how will it feel?  - Confessions from 3 women - Photo 1.

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This silent tolerance is common in women. Although they clearly feel that a marriage without sex is torture, many of them still choose not to actively express it, and eventually exceed the limit of tolerance and find an excuse for divorce.

Is it possible to persist in a marriage without a husband and wife relationship? Listen to the most honest inner thoughts of 3 women:

“For me, sex is not as important as love”

“It seems that women, a lot of people are more interested in sex, but if that’s the case, I’ll make an exception. I’m pretty cold about it. When I was younger, I was a bit emotional, too. but the older I get, the less I want, so for me, sex is not important.

If a representative like me is needed to speak up for women, then I think that what women care about most is love, even money is not something we will put first.

Of course, without money, life will be difficult, no one dares to say they don’t need money. But for lovers, for husband and wife, affection for each other is most important. My husband is very good and loves his wife. Even without sex, I’m satisfied.”

“I cry alone every night”

“I can’t stand that feeling of absence. I am a woman with strong sexual instincts, he knew that before he married me. I even thought that he married me because he believed that he married me. I am satisfied with him in bed.

But unexpectedly, after getting married, my husband’s body went downhill. He has little desire for his wife, and even shows resistance. That is, the more I want, the more he refuses, sometimes reacts strongly to oppose the closeness of the couple. In the end, things did not go well. I feel really uncomfortable.

The problem is that if he doesn’t have sex, how can we have children? I bear all the rumors and pressure from the outside. People say that I can’t have children, no one knows the truth is that my husband is physically weak. I can only cry silently.”

Sex may not be, but care must be

“Marriage without sex? It depends on the type to say whether it is tolerable or not. If a husband and wife go away or don’t see each other for a long time, the absence of that period is acceptable, just as long as it’s okay. If a sexless marriage is accompanied by apathy and indifference towards each other even when they are together, it must be very uncomfortable.

The best time for my relationship with my husband is during the first three years. At that time, the husband and wife’s relationship was very good, the two people stuck together like glue, life was very harmonious.

However, after three years, he gradually felt tired. He ignores me, ignores me when I touch him, even talks to me less.

This feeling is very painful, I don’t think women can bear it. I’m so lonely that I can only choose to divorce.”

Discord between husband and wife, the absence of pillows and blankets not only causes physical discomfort but also affects psychologically and emotionally. If for a long time two people do not have sex, and both are very young, there is a high probability that they will have problems in their married life.

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