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Minh Khue: ‘I get jealous when I fall in love’

Minh Khue – playing “Ugly girl” – said that her mental trauma at a young age made the actor psychologically unstable, always jealous, controlling his lover.

In mid-March, Minh Khue decided to go south in artistic pursuits. On this occasion, he talked about life and love at the age of 37. The actor born in 1985 in Hanoi, is known to the audience through films. Ugly girl Dear osin Give love Pink dress floor 24

What brought you back into the world of entertainment after years of absence?

– In 2016, I stopped entertainment activities because I felt my emotions harden, the “fire” of my career was extinguished and the departure of my mother made me really down, depressed for about three years. Then I want to find another job to experiment with, see what excites me the most. Earlier in the year, I played a guest role in a sitcom that was filmed in Ho Chi Minh City. I thought I still had a fascination with showbiz and realized that only when I was doing art did my eyes shine with happiness. I decided to go south in search of new opportunities.

I know at 37 years of age returning to the profession is not easy. I will participate in events and programs with no reward to seek opportunities and build relationships after years of absence. Right now, I’m not entangled in the problems of my husband and children, so I must dare to do what I want without much hesitation.

Nam Beauty is back in activity after a long absence.  Photo: Bili

Minh Khue at 37 years old. Photo: When

Why are you still not married?

– When I was a child, I often witnessed my parents fighting, including violence. I was afraid because I couldn’t protect my mother, but I couldn’t hate my father either. There was a fierce argument, my parents asked for a divorce. Those wounds have always imprinted on my soul, causing me to experience psychological instability, it is easy to put pressure on the man next to me. Whenever I know someone, when my feelings are deep, somewhere in the heart, there is always a little voice that says break up, fight. I have been through several love relationships, feelings are also sincere, but I still don’t believe in them. At times, I was suspicious and monitored them closely.

Another reason, I’m an introvert, so I’d rather live alone and free than live with someone. I remember in old love, my boyfriend came to Ho Chi Minh City from Hanoi to visit while I was filming. He stayed with me for a week, then I started to feel uncomfortable and tried to kick him out.

How is your love life now?

– I’m single but I’m not alone, it’s just that I don’t really want to be with anyone for the rest of my life. I gave myself the opportunity to get to know a lot of people to see who was the best fit. When I love, I am wholehearted, full of passion. I understand love as an emotional state, not a bond of marriage, children or a clear definition of right and wrong. I used to love someone who was older than me, ten years younger than me and didn’t seem to have enough grace or debt to be together for very long. Among them, first love bothers me the most. It took me two years to forget it.

Minh Khue: 'I get jealous when I fall in love'

Minh Khue talks to Duc Thinh in the movie “Ugly girl”. Videos: YouTube Movie Box

What are your criteria for choosing a lover?

I think it’s loyalty because I’m so jealous, I want my lover to be mine completely, without stares, interactions or politeness with other girls. The person who can make me conquer must be patient and selfless enough, and in order to have these two things, he must love me deeply. I like smart people, clear thinking, they will know how to build a business, never feel inferior to women in finance.

How do you deal with loneliness at 37?

– I’m used to and like living alone, so I don’t suffer from it. In my opinion, a woman who is independent and strong will determine her own happiness. Men will also be attracted to such a person. Lonely or not depends on the personality and lifestyle of the woman.

I haven’t acted in movies in a long time, but I’ve also accumulated some capital from previous successes to take care of myself. I invested more in the beauty industry, so getting through the two years of the epidemic wasn’t too difficult. Currently, I haven’t acted in movies anymore because I’m planning to participate in the contest God gave birth to a partner to practice performing on stage. In the past, I did music production, not performance, so I needed to have more practical skills.

Minh Khue: 'I used to be mentally unstable'

MV “Have you told me” (Tang Nhat Sel) – Minh Khue. Videos: YouTube Ammy Minh Khue

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