Netizens dug up Minh Plastic’s status when Cuong Do La met a change

It is known that both Minh Plastics and Cuong Do La have a passion for supercars.

On the evening of March 19, Vietnamese showbiz uproared by the rumor that the Gen Z female singer is married to a rich man with a wife and children. According to the description, this giant has a hobby of golfing and a luxury car.

The golf course is also said to be the love paradise of the rich man and the third person. And yet, the 13 billion super car that the singer showed off recently is also said to be this giant who bought and donated.

Through the spread of data, netizens simultaneously called Cuong Do La’s name into the scandal.

Netizens dug up Minh Plastic's status again when Cuong Do La met a change-1

Don’t let the public guess old and young, Cuong Dollar quickly spoke up in the night. Posting photos taken by his wife in the afternoon of the same day, the mountain town businessman also countered the rumors of “cuckolding” his wife.

“When I was in peace, I was suddenly dragged into a strange drama. I didn’t go to Facebook for only half a day but became a dark person. Photo taken by Dam Thu Trang’s wife in the afternoon”Cuong Do La shared.

Temporarily putting aside the market of the giant mountain town falling from the sky, netizens have recently paid special attention to Minh Plastic’s status message to Cuong Do La.

Netizens dug up Minh Plastic's status when Cuong Do La met a change-2

Posting a photo with his husband Dam Thu Trang, the giant of the Tran family wrote: “A morning with 1 phone call – 2 cars – 2 cups of coffee – 2 old friends. And simple stories, no big deal, just sharing and listening to each other’s confided stories. and give honest advice to each other.

How long has it been since you contacted your soul mates?”.

In the photo, right next to the two giants is the limited edition Ford GT supercar. It is known that this moment was taken a few days ago, before the scandal of Cuong Do La.

At this point, netizens are curious as to what advice the two have given each other that they have to write publicly on such a social network.

Netizens dug up Minh Plastic's status when Cuong Do La met a change-3

If you are a lover, surely everyone knows Cuong Do La and Minh Plastic are super car players “with numbers and cheeks” in Saigon. In addition to the close friendship, the thing that binds the two emotionally up to now is the supercar.

Despite being promoted to “baby milk father”, whenever they have free time, the two gather and discuss their passions.

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