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New week horoscope of 12 animals from March 21 to March 27, 2022

Looking at the new week horoscope from March 21 to March 27, 2022 of the 12 zodiac animals shows that the Dragon year is carried by the family, so you always have a dependent mindset.

Birth in year of Mouse
Love: In this day, the person may doubt your good intentions for them.

Work: The day job of the Rat year is relatively favorable, but you do not know how to take the opportunity.

Finance: This animal is very easy to get a large income of its own.

Careful: New week horoscope shows that you should calm down and everything will go back to normal.

Lucky number: 3, 5
Lucky colors: Pink, Green
Supporting nobles: Rooster, Dan
Good time: 9am

Horoscope for the new week of 12 animals from March 21 to March 27, 2022: So sad, Rabbit!-1

Ox Age
Love: Ox in the day is helped by a person, so sometimes you are quite dependent on that person.

Work: Today, if you feel tired, you can relax a little. Don’t get caught up in work.

Finance: In this day, you should be more careful with your daily expenses.

Be careful: The master will have to repay the favor to the person who helped him before.

Lucky number: 9, 11
Lucky colors: Orange, Black
Supporting Gentlemen: Horse, Pig
Good time: 7am

Tiger Age
Love love: Tiger in the day should not talk too much with him about his family affairs.

Work: The master should choose his own path instead of relying on the help of others.

Finances: The finances of the Tiger can be enhanced, but you don’t really care.

Careful: Theo 12 Zodiacsothers doubt your work capacity.

Lucky numbers: 12, 24
Lucky colors: White, Red
Support nobles: Rat, Mao
Good time: 16h

Age of the Rabbit
Love: The Rabbit is not supported by his family when he is next to him. Try to get through it all.

Work: Just because there is sad news makes you easy to fall into disorientation at work.

Finance: The financial situation has become more stable. If you want to keep your money, don’t invest anything.

Caution: Destiny is easy to get involved in unusual controversies.

Lucky number: 2.5
Lucky colors: Black, Blue
Supporters: Tuat, Than
Good time: 5h

Horoscope for the new week of 12 animals from March 21 to March 27, 2022: So sad, Rabbit!-2

Dragon Age
Love: Dragon Age Being carried by your family, you always have the thought of relying on others.

Work: Today, some people doubt their ability to work without being able to prove it.

Finances: Your finances are a little volatile but not significant.

Caution: Destiny has a feeling of boredom because of some bad things in the family.

Lucky numbers: 10, 22
Lucky colors: Yellow, Purple
Supporting Gentlemen: Ox, Thin
Good time: 10am

Year of the Snake
Love: The Snake is angry and says bad things to family members.

Work: Work may seem unstable, but you do not have a sense of progress and always stand in the same position.

Finance: Rats should prepare psychologically because they may have to bear a huge debt for the family.

Be careful: Recently, just because of bad things about you, that person is also under pressure.

Lucky number: 8, 12
Lucky color: Blue
Supporting gentlemen: Thin, Tuat
Good time: 14h

Born in the year of the Horse
Love: Horse may not be what he expected, but it’s best to just be yourself.

Work: The job is thanks to Chinh Quan, so it seems to be much happier than before.

Finance: Today, this animal has to move cash flow constantly because of instability.

Caution: During the day others may speak ill of you.

Lucky numbers: 15, 30
Lucky colors: Orange, Brown
Supporting Gentlemen: Dan, Snake
Good time: 12 o’clock

Horoscope for the new week of 12 animals from March 21 to March 27, 2022: So sad, Rabbit!-3

Age odor
Love: If you can’t forget the old person, the best thing to do is not get acquainted with a new person.

Work: The work situation of this animal is not good because you are surrounded by the White Tiger in a certain framework.

Financial: This animal is financially exploited or burdened by the family.

Caution: Fate has some bad words about his friends.

Lucky numbers: 2, 12
Lucky colors: Yellow, Red
Supporting Gentlemen: Rabbit, Horse
Good time: 8 o’clock

Age of Body
Love: Other people lead the Monkey year in love affairs, so you yourself are often sad.

Work: Career in the year can develop much more, but you do not know how to seize the opportunity to move forward.

Finance: This animal has a bit of financial difficulty.

Careful: Horoscope Today, you are easily separated by your loved ones due to misunderstandings.

Lucky numbers: 25, 28
Lucky colors: Yellow, Green
Supporting Gentlemen: Pig, Rat
Good time:10am

Roster age
Love: The Rooster year thanks to the Tam Hop you have everything in love, but don’t rush to rejoice too soon.

Work: Working without a plan, sometimes you will have to bear a lot of reminders from your superiors.

Finance: The finances of this animal are opened smoothly thanks to genius.

Caution: Roosters should be more careful when interacting with friends.

Lucky numbers: 6, 12
Lucky colors: White, Black
Supporting Gentlemen: Than, Thin
Good time: 12 o’clock

Born in the year of Dog
Love: The best year of the Dog should stop the actions that are not yours to your partner.

Work: In this job, although you do not have the necessary experience, you are very eager to learn.

Finance: It is difficult for me to keep my finances for myself.

Caution: During the day, there may be diseases related to the respiratory tract.

Lucky number: 9, 18
Lucky colors: Red, Yellow
Supporting nobles: Rat, Ox
Good time: 14h

Horoscope for the new week of 12 animals from March 21 to March 27, 2022: So sad, Rabbit!-4

Year of the Pig
Love: The Year of the Pig will be in love with the Monkey, but you may not be able to adapt to this.

Work: In the best work, this animal should not do things that make the karma uncomfortable. Otherwise you will be ostracized.

Finances: Don’t be impatient because your financial situation will gradually get better.

Caution: Fate should balance family-related issues and personal feelings.

Lucky number: 8, 10
Lucky colors: Black, Pink
Support nobles: Dan, Tuat
Good time: 17h

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