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No need to dress up properly, Angela Baby overwhelmed Trieu Le Dinh by the item that seemed to be worn in a hurry

Above all, the desire of a brand when choosing an ambassador is not only to help drive sales but also to show the spirit of the brand wherever it is, even in the small everyday moments. In terms of the latter, Dior succeeded in getting Angela Baby. Many times the actress wears another designer’s outfit but is still mistaken for Dior’s because the word Angela Baby, everywhere she looks, sees Dior. Even wearing the scarf of the French brand, walking in haste, but the aura that radiates is still strangely sharp.

Whether it’s a quick photo or when the position is neatly arranged, Angela Baby’s queen aura remains unchanged. Angela Baby’s beauty tends to be luxurious and classic, so it goes well with the makeup style of deep red lips, bun hair and flashy dresses.

Dior really has eyes. You don’t need to wear dignified clothes, but you can deeply feel the spirit of the brand. Indeed, elegance and beauty flow from the essence of Angela Baby

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Another beauty that Dior also takes care of in Mainland is Trieu Le Dinh. She also has no shortage of moments when wearing a Dior scarf like a colleague. However, the beauty of the Trieu family will not evoke the feeling of motivating people to utter beautiful words like Angela Baby. There is no problem with the clothes she wears, the main factor here lies in her aura, which is sometimes only natural, and hard to obtain even after many years of cultivation.

Trieu Le Dinh once sat next to Angela Baby with her hair in a high bun and wearing the familiar Dior scarf. But now Angela Baby is wearing a rather sophisticated dress, perhaps that’s why she is not convenient to wear a scarf. Otherwise, both beauties would have created a memorable moment

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