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“Old farmer” in the West changed his life by raising precious animals, goods were not sold

Mr. Nguyen Van Tong knows the farming model ferrets through the press since 2015. Through research, he found this model easy to implement, so he decided to give it a try. Mr. Tong went to Phuoc Long district, Bac Lieu province to buy 2 female weasels and 1 male weasel for 21 million VND for trial farming.

Initially, due to lack of technical knowledge, mink developed very slowly. During the time he persisted in learning farming techniques to get better results, a female weasel died. After 2 years, the old farmer fully mastered the technique. From the remaining 1 pair of mink he quickly replicated.

About the past 3 years, the family’s mink herd has always been around 30, with 10 breeding. Selling mink is the main source of income for Mr. Nguyen Van Tong’s family.

“Weasel very few diseases, mainly I monitor its droppings. My house is semi-continuously raised, it gives birth not at the same time, so it sells every month. I sell male mink 3 million, and female mink 4 million// In general, it is very attractive, not always enough to supply. Now I have 3 herds that people told me to first,” said Mr. Tong.

Each year, a ferret breed breed at least 2 times, each time 3-5 children. Mr. Tong’s family’s economy is getting better and better thanks to the income of hundreds of millions of dong from mink farming. According to Mr. Tong, once you understand the technique, raising ferrets is very easy.

Only 1 animal should be kept in each cage so that they have space to exercise. Must clean daily, make sure the barn is always clean, avoid moisture. Feed the ferrets twice a day, morning and afternoon, the main food for ferrets is ripe bananas, tilapia and porridge.

Also because of the ease of implementation and the availability of food on the spot, many local people have learned from Mr. Tong to develop mink farming. Particularly in Tan Hoa hamlet, Tan Hung commune, there are 15 farming households.

Mr. Nguyen Van Na, a householder who successfully raised and earned tens of millions of dong last year, shared: “In the beginning, mink farming was a bit difficult without knowing the technique, but now it’s normal.

Food can be used on the spot, bananas and fish at home are available if there is a shortage, then go to buy more. Initially, I raised 5 children, now I have an income of 70-80 million VND/year. Raising it is important to give it enough food, every morning to clean the cage, it will live and develop normally.”

The mink farming model has proven effective, opening up new directions for local people. The local government also intends to replicate the model to help people rise up.

Mr. Ly Minh Hien, Chairman of Tan Hung Commune Farmers’ Association said: “In the future, the Association will replicate the model. I let members who have needs and passion for mink farming to visit, then deploy the techniques. , seed…

On the side of the Farmers’ Union, there are valuable sources of support and policy banks also have resources, if members have demand for raising, they will review and support enthusiastic households who want to develop their economy from mink farming. For long-term development, we will aim to establish mink farming cooperatives for easy management and finding output.”

Breeding ferrets does not require much care, and food sources are also available, so it is being chosen by many households in Ca Mau. However, because it is easy to implement, it also easily leads to massive development, causing “supply over demand”. Mink farmers are also expressing concern about the situation of “good harvest, devaluation” will happen again.

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