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People working out in the gym in the middle of the night

ChinaAt 12 o’clock at night, Hung Man was running an exercise machine at the gym in a building in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

The place where he practiced was in the deepest corner of the room, where he felt safe, unnoticed. Two hours ago, it was hard to find such a beautiful location.

Room do exercise The (gym) at night is usually open from 10 pm and until 3 am the next day, most of the guests are young men. “They are office workers who work late, insomniacs or husbands who were kicked out of the house by their wives,” the gym manager said.

24-hour gym corner in Chaoyang District, Beijing City, China at 11 pm.  photo: qq.

24-hour gym corner in Chaoyang District, Beijing City, China at 11 pm. Photo: qq.

Hung Man likes a quiet environment to focus his mind on while exercising. Excessive workload, plus persistent insomnia, he decided to work out after 10:30 pm, when he was free.

Working at an Internet company, the job paid head compensation plus overtime, so usually at 10 pm, Hung Man left the company. Less than 30 years old, but her stomach, spine, and waist are all problematic.

In early 2020, the old company did downsizing its personnel. To assess work performance, companies rely on time overtime, including Sundays. As one of the first employees to be fired, Hung Man was shocked. He returned to his hometown, overeat and gained 10 kg in just 2 months.

“I’ve always lived in a state of aimless play. Right now, running is the only thing I can understand.” Hung says that the results of running are very clear: Lose weight, improve. That’s why he’s been running for the past two years.

Initially, Hung Man could only run 3 km, 5 km and then up to 15-20 km… The numbers on the engine were constantly being updated, which meant creating new joys for him. Hung began to believe that as long as he kept trying, things would definitely get better.

In August 2020, he found a new job in Beijing and decided to buy tickets at the gym closest to the company for running at night.

The workout is part of a 24-hour gym chain, founded 5 years ago and now has grown to 800 rooms, of which Beijing has 141. Chaoyang is the most populous district with 59 rooms, meaning every 8 km, There is a gym like this.

Compared to traditional gyms with an area of ​​thousands of square meters, 24-hour gyms are only 300 square meters in size, with simple facilities and lower costs. All gym activity via app code scan. Even when unattended, customers can enter and exit easily thanks to scanning a pre-issued code.

For many busy people living in big cities in China, exercising at night brings them health and reduces work pressure.  photo: qq.

For many busy people living in big cities in China, exercising at night brings them health and reduces work pressure. Photo: qq.

22 hours is also the time Phan Than Tuan, 20, from Son Tay, a restaurant waiter, comes to the gym. The restaurant closes at 21:30, after cleaning, you come right here. Phan usually runs on the machine for 40 minutes before switching to another device. He trains for two hours every day.

A year ago, Phan came to work at a restaurant in Beijing, starting a life of “opening your eyes to go to work, closing your eyes when you close your eyes”. At that time his weight was 110 kg. Looking at himself in the mirror, Phan always cheered: “Handsome, not fat”, until a colleague advised him to lose weight. Phan decided to exercise.

When he first came to Beijing, this young man was not happy. Restaurant work is very monotonous, every 10 hour shift, clothes are always smeared with oil. At the busiest time of the day, Phan felt like he was on a cloud, his mind was blank, and he didn’t realize what he was doing. “I always felt like a machine on an assembly line, repeating the same movements from morning to night,” he says. It wasn’t until he started exercising that Phan found himself having a purpose in life. “Every time I lose weight, I have a strong feeling that things are getting better.”

Lunar New Year 2021, due Covid-19, Phan lives in Beijing, hanging out around this big city. He suddenly realized, this world was huge. “So I’m going to keep exercising, because in big cities, just by changing yourself, you have the opportunity to expose yourself to a lot of things that you never knew before,” Phan said.

Exercising at night is becoming increasingly popular in China’s big cities. Stress, busyness, longer working hours and high appearance demands are the reasons more and more young people are entering this type of gym.

In medicine, there is no definite conclusion about the most appropriate time to exercise. Hou Xixia, a lecturer at the Shanghai Sports Academy, said that quality sleep is very important in maintaining health. Studies have shown that from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. the next day, people have the ability to fall into a deep sleep. Therefore, he does not recommend exercising at night.

But for those who are in the gym 24 hours a day, sleep should give way to more important goals. Tieu Linh, a mother of two, shared that she is always busy. “I often have to travel on business, and I also have to take care of my family and children.” But when he entered the gym, Tieu Linh was still very excited.

“To lose weight, he can do anything,” says his trainer.

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