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Que Van dreamed: HH was wrongly accused of robbing her husband

The rumor of the noisy husband of female singer HH became more and more exciting with the contribution of Que Van.

On the morning of March 20, Que Van There is an attention-grabbing status line on her personal page, which is said to be related to a series of rumors about the young singer HH’s husband.

Specifically, Que Van … dreamed that this junior was wrongfully accused of robbing her husband, and the judgment seemed to be that the online world was rumoured.

Que Van dreamed: HH was wrongly accused of robbing her husband-1Que Van dreamed: HH was wrongly accused of robbing her husband-2
Que Van’s attention-grabbing post.

“Just had a dream that HH was wrongly accused of robbing her husband. This case seems to be falsely rumored for the girl”, 8X beauty expressed.

Although Que Van’s sharing is just a dream, it is causing a lot of discussion on social networks.

On some online forums, netizens also attacked the female singer for saying “many things”, “missing fame”, “hanging on scandals”…

Que Van dreamed: HH was unjustly accused of robbing her husband-3
Showbiz There are rumors of a young female singer snatching her husband (Illustration image).

Before that, on the evening of March 19, Vietnamese showbiz was in an uproar when the social network spread an article about a husband snatching case.

According to the description, Tieu Tam is a Gen Z female singer, born in 1997, once participated in a singing competition and achieved quite high rankings. She has a lot of hits, but she doesn’t perform much, just bought tens of billions of cars, recently “check-in” the golf course is more than the stage…

Before snatching the showbiz senior’s husband, and this senior had a small child, the female singer used to love a famous male singer, and when she broke up, it was also very noisy. The teacher in the profession of this female singer is also very famous, but has “chacked” her students for a long time.

When the above story went viral, many people thought that Hoa Minzy is the “victim”, and the female singer HH is the minor tam. HH is said to break the happiness of Hoa Minzy and young master Minh Hai.

However, it was Hoa Minzy who denied it. Voice Leave asserted that his son’s father had no third party, and begged netizens for peace for the family.

Que Van dreamed: HH was wrongly accused of robbing her husband-4
Cuong Do La couple.

After Hoa Minzy denied it, the rumor turned to HH with Cuong Do La – a famous giant with golf and super cars.

According to some information spread, the golf course is the dating paradise of the couple. HH’s brand new 13 billion G63 car was bought and donated by Cuong Do La.

However, Cuong Dollar quickly put down the rumours. Dam Thu Trang also directly defended marriage, making an urgent statement: “Hope the drama doesn’t visit my family, stay away from my wife and me, leave me and my wife alone.”

According to Vietnamnet

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