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Question: “What is the largest number that can be made from 5 1’s?”

Mathematics and numbers always hide interesting things and have their own rules that make many people want to explore. The beauty of Mathematics is that sometimes knowledge is only for elementary students, but even adults are not sure how to solve it. It all depends on how each person exploits and thinks logically.

Recently, on social media, a math question appeared on social media, seemingly intended for primary school students, but caused many adults to scratch their heads:

What is the largest number that can be made from 5 digits 1?

  Question: From 5 digits 1 can create the largest number?  - Giving an answer that is not 11111 proves you are super smart!  - Photo 1.

With the above question, many adults thought it was too easy, and immediately gave the answer: 11111.

This is also quite a large number, but if you read the problem carefully, you will discover a flaw, that is, it does not require how many digits this largest number has. To form the largest number, we can also use other signs like exponential factorial, exponent…

=> The best answer should be: 11^111 (ie 11 to the power of 111).

Below the comment section, many netizens have commented on this answer, most of them saying that if you don’t really read it carefully, you won’t find the correct answer:

– “If the problem is fully recorded that from 5 numbers 1 can produce the largest 5 digit natural number, perhaps 11111 is the correct answer”.

– “The topic is not tight, so it causes such a confusing answer”.

– “One thing must be admitted now, grade 1 math is also very difficult, not a joke”.

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