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Real Madrid vs Barca football commentary, Super classic round 29 LaLiga

Real Madrid are proving their superior strength in LaLiga when they are 10 points ahead of second-place Sevilla, 15 points more than Barca. However, the big gap between the two top Spanish rivals will not make the El Clasico match at 3am tomorrow morning (March 21) lose heat, because Barca is emerging strongly under the coaching hands of Xavi Hernandez.

Real Madrid prevails

All 3 important factors determine the position before El Clasico, Real Madrid is superior to Barca, that is historical statistics, performance and people.

Real is having a series of 1,114 days without losing to Barca in all competitions. The situation of the Super Classic match has leaned heavily on the “White Vulture” since the 2019/2020 season – the time when Barca fell without braking in all competitions, and Real, despite falling after Cristiano Ronaldo left, still kept it. prestige in LaLiga.

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Real Madrid is flying high.

In the last 6 El Clasico matches, Real won 5. After Lionel Messi left the Camp Nou in the summer of 2021, Barca’s position dropped one more step. Instead of competing for the championship, Xavi’s teachers and students are having to find a place in the group Champions League and play in the Europa League.

The fact that “Barca is trying to catch up with Real’s level” was acknowledged by Xavi after the Catalan team’s 2-3 defeat before their No. 1 rival in the Spanish Super Cup match. Barca played very hard in this match when creating many dangerous opportunities, but Real still won thanks to experience and superior class.

That’s the level of skill that has been widened by the wrong decisions of the top Barca, pushing the team into the position of both playing and having to bend over to pay the debt. Barca cannot keep top players, must live on the breath of young talent (Gavi, Pedri) or Premier League rookies (Adama Traore, Pierre Aubameyang, Ferran Torres).

Coach Xavi called failure in the Champions League the deepest bottom that Barca reached, causing Barca’s position to seriously decline. Meanwhile, Real still plays stably. The “white vulture” soars in LaLiga, beating an ambitious Paris Saint-Germain to prove its place in the Champions League.

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Barca lost 5 of the last 6 El Clasico matches.

Unlike Barca, Real basically keeps a squad frame that is reasonably interwoven between experience (Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, David Alaba) and youth (Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo, Camavinga, Eder Militao).

If Barca both kicked and tested people and gameplay, Real has shaped the human frame and gameplay. Stability is a prerequisite, helping Carlo Ancelotti’s teachers and students to be in the “upper door” position in the El Clasico match.

Barca’s chance

Real dominates, but Barca also has its own advantage in this match. First, the Santiago Bernabeu home team will not have the service of Benzema. The French striker is absent due to not being able to recover from an injury in the match against Real Mallorca.

Benzema has been the most important player in Real’s tactical operation this season. Not only possessing top form with 22 goals and 11 assists after 25 matches in LaLiga alone, Benzema also plays a key role in attack when moving wide to connect the play, link the midfield. with strikers, opening up space for strikers to attack while also taking on the task of scoring goals.

With great influence and a huge amount of work on the field, Benzema will create a big gap in the day of El Clasico as a spectator.

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Benzema’s injury greatly affects the way Real Madrid play.

Coach Ancelotti has options to replace Benzema like Mariano Diaz, Luka Jovic, even Eden Hazard or Gareth Bale can play virtual striker. However, no player can completely replace Benzema’s role. Real’s attack is likely to weaken and this is a golden opportunity for Barca to break the series of matches without winning against the opponent.

Barca is rising strongly when winning 8, drawing 3 in the last 11 matches. After struggling for the first time, coach Xavi found the winning formula for the Catalunya team.

Barca is far from returning to its peak when it comes to playing tiqui-taca to conquer Europe, but at least, the Camp Nou team has shown aspiration and intense intensity of play – a factor that is completely different. disappeared under Quique Setien or Ronald Koeman.

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Barca is coming back.

Aubameyang’s impressive performance is representative of Barca’s rise in the past 2 months. The Gabon striker scored 7 goals in the last 7 matches, it took almost no time to adapt to Xavi’s style of play.

Instead of framing the team into a mold, the former midfielder is building Barca according to an open formula to make the most of the abilities and creativity of individuals. This makes Barca’s play more unpredictable and potentially explosive.

After 3 years of drawing and losing, Barca is having the best chance to overthrow Real in the El Clasico match. If you play with more than 100% ability and desire, Xavi’s teachers and students will win this match.

Guess: Barca won 3-2

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