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Release of the story collection ‘Land and People 2’ by People’s Artist Dao Trong Khanh

Release of the story collection 'Land and People 2' by People's Artist Dao Trong Khanh
A collection of stories with more than 300 pages published by the Writers Association Publishing House. (Source: Vietnam+)

People’s Artist Dao Trong Khanh is a leading name in the documentary filmmaking world in Vietnam. His creative life has brought Vietnamese cinema to famous documentaries such as 1/50 seconds of life, Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh, Tra Kieu Dancer, Legend of the Truth, Ancestral silhouette

In this printed book, he introduces a number of documentary screenplays such as Nguyen Trai in Thang Long, President Ho Chi Minh with Thang Long-Hanoi, President Ho Chi Minh with culture and art, Freedom Street – The most beautiful road…

Dao Trong Khanh’s whole life made films about history and revolution. With the keen eye and sensitive soul of a master filmmaker, he captured the moments of the era, each character to get valuable footage, sharp commentary.

Readers will also learn more about People’s Artist Dao Trong Khanh’s journey as he travels around the country to record documentary footage, including the making of a film about General Secretary Le Duan, Prince Souphanouvong, and a musician. Doan Chuan…

There are moments that are deeply imprinted in People’s Artist Dao Trong Khanh’s filmmaking career, making him feel restless: “I set up a video camera to record the last frames of musician Doan Chuan holding the guitar as he wanted. sing. Can’t sing anymore! All sounds are muted! Mr. Chuan gave up the piano. More than 20 years later, I write these lines in memory of the talented musician.

People’s Artist Dao Trong Khanh said he was very touched that at this age there were still published works. Painter Le Thiet Cuong and his friends at the Writers’ Association Publishing House encouraged and helped him reorganize the pages so that the book has its present appearance.

Dao Trong Khanh was born in 1940 in Kien Thuy, Hai Phong. He officially retired in 2005 and was awarded the State Prize for Literature and Art in 2007. His age is advanced, his memory is greatly reduced, he still tries very hard to write every day. The poems in this book were also copied by him. Therefore, this book is especially meaningful to the author himself.



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