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Remove difficulties and speed up the economic recovery process

The economy tends to recover and grow fast again

At the moment, there are two topics that are most interested in the press, which are anti-epidemic and economic recovery. However, when Vietnam has entered a new phase of anti-epidemic, with new thinking, new measures and quite positive results, the press now focuses more on the recovery process of the economy. Reading through the weekly newspapers, it can be seen that the trend of the economy, despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic, is showing very positive signs.

Exciting numbers are reported People mention it is Industrial production recovery in most localities. The production index of the whole industry in February increased by 8.5% over the same period, only the processing and manufacturing – the leading driving force of the economy increased by 10%. The number of businesses returning to operation increased at a triple-digit rate. Newly established enterprises also increased by 11.9%, showing the confidence of the production and business community in the investment environment.

There are sheets left Saigon Liberation cited an article by Asian Investor, which contained an optimistic forecast that Vietnam’s GDP would grow by more than 7% this year thanks to the recovery in consumption, the ability to fully reopen to foreign tourists and A stimulus package worth $15.3 billion was approved earlier this year.

Remove difficulties, speed up the economic recovery process - Photo 1.

Despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic, Vietnam’s economy is showing very positive signs of recovery. (Illustration image – Photo: Investment Newspaper)

The press also said that, although recently, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had many impacts on the world economy as well as on Vietnam’s economy, in fact, many fields, including export have good prospects.

Customs Magazine forecast, Russia – Ukraine war plus fuel costs, international shipping fees continue to increase, are the factors that affect the price of Vietnamese shrimp products in 2022, reducing competitiveness in the international market. However, shrimp exports for the whole year are still forecast to reach a high level of over 4 billion USD.

The whole political system is trying to untie each knot that hinders the recovery of the economy

Facing the reality full of difficulties, the positive results that have been maintained since the beginning of the year, as well as the quite bright forecasts for the whole year of 2022 do not come naturally. This is the result of the whole political system trying to untie each knot that is hindering the recovery of the economy.

This week, the Prime Minister also sent a telegram to urge the drastic and effective implementation of the socio-economic recovery and development program. Along with that, it is also necessary to mention an important event of the National Assembly that is the questioning session of the National Assembly Standing Committee with the Minister of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

This is the first time that the 15th National Assembly Standing Committee has organized a question-and-answer session in face-to-face and online form so that all National Assembly deputies can participate in questioning. The innovation is suitable with the actual situation, the two selected groups of issues are also evaluated as “right and won” and are important issues, of concern to the whole country, and have a direct impact on people’s lives. people’s lives and the goal of recovery and socio-economic development, especially the price of gasoline.

At this question-and-answer session, with the participation of Government leaders, industry leaders, and National Assembly deputies, the issue of petrol prices was discussed and presented very carefully, thereby showing clear solutions. Regulations are and will be applied to prevent negative impacts of gasoline prices.

Remove difficulties, speed up the economic recovery process - Photo 2.

Many measures have been introduced by the Government to support and reduce the burden, so that people do not have to tighten their spending, while businesses are less impatient under pressure from gasoline prices. Illustration.

Liberation Saigon newspaper emphasizing the assertion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade that: The supply of petroleum is never short. This newspaper also mentioned a series of solutions such as assigning enterprises to increase imports to double normal output, or strictly handle businesses that hoard goods and wait for price increases. The Government also has a resolution to propose to the National Assembly Standing Committee to reduce the environmental protection tax by 50%.

Sheet Youth The solution is that if gasoline prices continue to increase, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will propose to further reduce other taxes and fees. Even if the tax tool is exhausted but the price is still high, it is possible to propose the use of welfare funds to support the poor and businesses that use a lot of petrol.

Thus, many measures have been introduced by the Government to support and reduce the burden, so that people do not have to tighten their spending, while businesses are less impatient under pressure from petroleum to production and business. , although this reason is objective from world oil prices. Of course, these solutions will reduce the revenue of the State, but at the macro level, it will help create more impetus for the recovery process of the overall economy.

Preventing loss of cross-border e-commerce tax revenue: Using technology to overcome technology

Regarding revenue, in the past week, there is a very interesting and quite positive news that the tax industry has collected over the past five years through cross-border business platforms with more than 5,000 billion dong.

Newspaper Invest The tax industry needs to invest in building specialized software tools for tracking, detecting and handling e-commerce transactions with fraud and tax violations.

It is known that the General Department of Taxation will soon open an electronic portal on cross-border tax declarations, research and develop applications to automatically calculate and pay taxes online, and an electronic data center on tax, applying intelligence to tax payments. Artificial intelligence in data analysis.

Thus, in the present time, with the participation of the whole political system, many solutions have been implemented to solve immediate problems, problems that have existed for many years, as well as to deal with unpredictable events in the near future. This can completely be considered as the basis for Vietnam’s economy to accelerate the recovery process and realize forecasts right this year.

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