Seeing a group of Vietnamese guests entering the restaurant, the singer immediately sang Son Tung M-TP to win hearts

In Southeast Asia, if we talk about the development of the tourism industry, it is difficult to beat Thailand. Besides the natural factors, the way Thai people do tourism is the key to attracting and retaining visitors to the land of the Golden Temple.

Recently, a video clip showing the sophistication of a restaurant owner doing F&B business in Thailand for a group of Vietnamese tourists is going viral on TikTok, and attracting a lot of attention from the online community. .

Accordingly, the clip lasting more than 1 minute captures the scene of a Thai band playing the song “This Place With You” – a song by Son Tung M-TP released in 2017. Besides being surprised about Son Tung’s story. so famous in Thailand that native singers know it by heart; Vietnamese netizens also have to take their hat off to the shop owner’s “customer indulgence”.

Below the video, many netizens had to admire the way Thai people do tourism in general.

“Have had dinner at this restaurant before. Thai singer but sings in Vietnamese”.

“There is a group that sings country music. That’s Thai”.

“I accept Thailand everything is normal but their service is top notch”

“I remember one time when I finished a trip, I came to the end of the month, the male receptionist saw my stomach ache and immediately realized the problem, helped me buy girl clothes for me. People care about tourists.” .

It is known that the tourism industry contributed a fifth of Thailand’s gross domestic product in the pre-pandemic period, with nearly 40 million foreign tourists, generating more than 60 billion USD in 2019.

Many people agree that the most outstanding feature of tourism in Thailand is the excellent service quality. In this country, from street vendors, motorbike taxi drivers or bus assistants, policemen, flight attendants, .. all smile friendly and enthusiastically help tourists. At the markets, the selling price of products for domestic and foreign customers is the same. Even if tourists buy things, bargain “tight”, Thai people still smile and say sweet and gentle sentences.

After the period of being affected by Covid-19, the Government of Thailand has been taking many measures to revive the tourism industry, including a subsidy program to support hotel rooms, air tickets and meals for tourists. domestic tourists. As for international visitors, as planned, Thailand will relax most of the testing and isolation regulations by the end of this year to create opportunities for international visitors to return to this country soon.

However, as predicted by economists at Bloomberg, at least until 2024, Thailand’s tourism industry will return to the way it was before the pandemic. This year, the Thai government is expected to welcome nearly 10 million foreign tourists. music-son-tung-de-lay-long-20220317143420105.chn

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