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“Shocked” with the number of foreign teams pursuing Quang Hai

According to Quang Hai’s representative, there are about 15 foreign teams that have sent offers to the Hanoi midfielder.

Nguyen Dac Van, the representative of midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai, has revealed that the player currently receives a lot of offers from abroad.

"Shocked"  with the number of foreign teams pursuing Quang Hai - 1

Quang Hai (white shirt) will say goodbye to Hanoi FC to go abroad to play football

“Quite a lot of invitations from European, Asian and even American clubs for Quang Hai. In total, I have about 14-15 offers in hand. This is normal, because Quang Hai’s expertise has been proven. A good player is always valuable, and there are always offers,” Van said.

Around the midfielder’s stay in 1997, Mr. Van said, Quang Hai decided to go abroad so that he would not regret it later. “Success is good, but if not, he would have done it, and has no regrets. Quang Hai really wants to go abroad, to try his hand at a new environment”, continued Mr. Van.

The businessman who used to live and work in Germany also emphasized that this is the most suitable time for his client to go abroad to play football. “Maybe in a year or two the opportunity will no longer exist, the clubs are not interested, and Hai’s desire is no longer as strong as it is now.”

Regarding the money story, countering the idea that the player from Dong Anh went abroad for better treatment, Mr. Van affirmed that his client would have to make a lot of sacrifices for his choice.

“If it’s for the money or safety, he’ll stay. In Vietnam, Quang Hai is a star who has everything, from money to fame, wherever he goes. But when he went abroad, he had to start from scratch. This is not something everyone dares to do,” Mr. Van confided.

Another issue that many fans are interested in is whether Quang Hai will be able to play a lot when going abroad, Van stressed that no team promises the number of matches for a rookie player.

“I will have a team to accompany and support Quang Hai as much as I can. But how many matches Hai gets to play must be won by him with his own playing ability, “said Mr. Van.

According to the contract, Quang Hai officially became a free agent after April 12. From now until then, he has 2 matches left in the shirt of Hanoi FC (against Thanh Hoa on April 4 in the V-League match and against CAND on April 7 in the National Cup).

According to Gia Hung (Traffic Newspaper)

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