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‘Stamping” stepdaughter of the young husband and wife was cut off at midnight

20/03/2022 21:24 GMT+7

Suspecting her husband to abuse her stepdaughter, Ms. N. quietly installed a camera at her daughter’s bed to monitor and detect depraved behavior. The 36-year-old woman used a knife to cut the penis of her young husband’s ‘goat’.

On the evening of March 20, discuss with PV InfonetMs. Ha Thi Mai – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Chieng Hac Commune (Yen Chau District, Son La) said: “At around 0:00 on March 20, there was an incident where a wife used a knife to cut her husband’s penis.” .

The wife used a knife to cut her young husband's penis at midnight

The victim is NVH (SN 1993, residing in Huoi Sat village, Chieng Hac commune), and the suspect is Ms. HTN (SN 1986).

Talking about the cause of the incident, Ms. Mai informed: “The original cause was believed to be a family conflict. Specifically, the police agency conducts investigation to clarify.”

Also according to Ms. Mai, before coming together, Mr. NVH and Ms. HTN were both married. Ms. N. has a daughter of 14 years old this year, studying in 9th grade. Currently, the two have 2 children together. .

Mr. Lo Duc Tien – Secretary of the Party Committee of Chieng Hac Commune said that the functional forces have now determined the initial cause of the incident.

According to initial information, after many times suspecting that her husband was an NVH who abused her stepdaughter, Ms. HTN talked to her husband but H. did not admit it.

“Due to no evidence, on the afternoon of March 18, Ms. N. went to buy a camera and installed it at her daughter’s bedside to monitor and detect H. had depraved behavior towards her daughter. Too frustrated with her actions. husband, on the night of March 19, N. used a knife bought earlier and then amputated Mr. H’s penis. Immediately after performing his act, N. went to the district police headquarters to report, “Mr. Tien speak.

According to Mr. Tien, through initial testimonies, NVH had repeatedly abused his wife’s stepdaughter. Currently, Yen Chau District Police are continuing to investigate and clarify the incident.

The Son La Provincial General Hospital informed that around 5:30 a.m. on the same day, the hospital received and gave first aid to a man nearly 30 years old (residing in Chieng Hac commune, Yen Chau district) in a state of blood pressure shock 90/ 60 because of the amputation of the penis with 2 testicles and is bleeding, has been bandaged.

Immediately after that, the patient had an emergency surgery, diagnosed with a complicated wound, completely severed and no longer a penis and testicle. The patient is now out of danger.

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