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The 6 meter giant crocodile aggressively devours its love rival in a few minutes

Locals were shocked to see a rare sight when walking across the lawn in Lakeland city, Florida, USA.

The giant 6 meter crocodile aggressively devoured the love enemy in a few minutes - Photo 1.

The 6 meter giant crocodile aggressively devoured its love rival within minutes.

Julie Smith recorded a video that said the giant crocodile easily grabbed its rival in its jaws and dragged it around. Eyewitnesses shared that a giant crocodile, more than 6 meters long, was rolling around on the grass. , in the mouth is a smaller crocodile, about 1.8 meters long.

Julie Smith said: “I was absolutely amazed when I saw the scene. I shouted but the animal did not seem startled and continued to drag its prey across the lawn. The large crocodile was about 6 meters long, while the small one in its mouth is only about 1.8 meters long. The prey doesn’t live long because it is swallowed by the big one. I have never seen such a big crocodile. During mating season, the male crocodile also became become more ferocious”.

The 6 meter giant crocodile aggressively devours its love rival within minutes

Alligators often appear in Florida, living in freshwater areas, even on golf courses because this area provides abundant food. They are opportunistic predators and can take down larger prey such as deer, deer and bears, as well as other crocodiles.

Experts say large crocodiles often eat smaller crocodiles, especially during mating season. Then the male crocodiles become more aggressive, ready to attack any animal of the same species if they suspect it is a love rival.

The behavior of animals consuming another individual of the same species as food is called cannibalistic by scientists. The rate of cannibalism will increase in nutrient-poor environments, the main purpose of which is to find additional food sources while eliminating competitors, providing an evolutionary advantage.

Coleman M. Sheehy III, of the Florida Museum of Natural History, said cannibalism is well known in the natural world. They eat cannibals when there is no prey, or have to compete for food and mates.

Coleman M. Sheehy III says: “Smaller alligators tend to stay away from areas inhabited by larger individuals due to potential dangers. Males during mating season are more aggressive than usual, being protective. territory and finding mates”.

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