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The billionaire lover of Amazon posted a happy photo that was suddenly mocked by a detail mentioning “the real thing”

Recently, Ms Lauren Sanchez posted a new picture of the Amazon billionaire and talked about the sweet life the couple is living. Attached to the photo is the caption:There’s nothing better than walking into the kitchen and seeing him making cakes for the kids“.

In the photo posted by Lauren, you can see that the Amazon billionaire is dressed simply, meticulously baking, next to him is a book and tools for baking. It can be seen that the second richest man in the world is not only a successful businessman, but he is also a hardworking person in the kitchen as well as women.

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Billionaire Jeff Bezos himself went to the kitchen to bake a cake.

However, a part of the public has mocked the image of the Amazon billionaire making a cake and the happiness of Mrs. Lauren. They say that, before divorcing his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, Mr. Jeff Bezos was once called a “billionaire dishwasher”, praised as a family man. Amazon billionaire once shared that he likes to go home to wash dishes to help his wife and spend time with children.

But now, that billionaire is willing to give up marriage after 25 years of living together to come to his hot lover. Therefore, when Mrs. Lauren posted a photo of Mr. Jeff Bezos baking a cake, many people mocked that in the future, no one knows what to expect, today may be happy and tomorrow will be different. Therefore, many people say that Mrs. Lauren should not be “in a hurry” to celebrate so soon.

Despite the sarcasm and ridicule of a part of public opinion, the Amazon billionaire and his girlfriend still go hand in hand in charity activities. Recently, they came together to the Future Seeds seed research center to donate 17 million USD. On the CIAT website, the Bezos Earth Fund has committed to invest $ 17 million in Future Seeds – a CGIAR gene bank that was inaugurated on March 15.

Post a happy photo with your boyfriend,
Post a happy photo with your boyfriend,

Amazon billionaire and his girlfriend accompanied each other in the latest event.

Future Seeds is the world’s largest genetic library for beans, cassava and tropical fodder based near the city of Cali, Colombia, to conserve plant biodiversity and support cutting edge agricultural research up. Billionaire Jeff Bezos said the project will open up the opportunity to develop new seed crops that can absorb more carbon, reduce carbon emissions in agriculture and help farmers cope with climate change. climate.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife of the Amazon billionaire is no less competitive. MacKenzie Scott, 51, recently transferred $ 256 million to 62 branches of the Boys & Girls Club of America (Boys & Girls Club of America) across the US and the remaining $ 25 million to the headquarters of the group. office in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the largest donation the organization has received in its 160-year history. Ms. Scott’s latest move has won everyone’s praise.

Gifts like these are rare and powerful“, said Jim Clark, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Club of America, which serves more than 4.3 million children in more than 4,700 locations across the United States.

Post a happy photo with your boyfriend,

Billionaire Amazon’s ex-wife actively does charity.

Source: Page Six, Instagram talk

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