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The essay describing the lazy father of primary school students makes the online community laugh-Young man

Sunday, March 20, 2022 08:16 AM (GMT+7)

After being published, the humorous essay on father’s father quickly attracted the attention of the online community.

Every time when it comes to elementary school essays, everyone must smile because they have witnessed many humorous descriptions, many “peeling” phases of laughter. Primary school students always have innocent and innocent thoughts, and are honest when writing about life.

Recently, netizens were laughed at by the article describing the “lazy father” of an elementary school boy.

The text of the article is as follows:

“My family has a father named Do Manh Ha. Every day he just goes to earn money and then comes back to lie down. Even the oldest grandmother still has to work and dad is the only one who doesn’t work. When eating, he calls. He didn’t come up a few times, but he told me to wait a bit. When the family finished eating, the whole family cleaned up. Dad didn’t clean up and went down to chat Zalo with the students. The baby still had to feed his father with mango. From now on, he won’t do osin anymore. I love you very much, but I don’t love you very much.”

The essay describing the lazy father of elementary school students makes the online community laugh - 1

The descriptive text that exposes this father’s “laziness” has been continuously circulated by the online community. The article, although there are many misspellings, but it is the innocence, innocence and especially the statement that I only “love my father” but not very much that makes everyone who reads it laugh.

Some notable comments:

“Just like my husband, every time I call for a meal, I say wait a little while my father plays the game”; “Review yourself and quickly help your mother with the housework to avoid being condemned by your children”; “Who’s child is really sneaky, his voice seems sulky, how long does it take to talk badly about his father, any parent should correct themselves!”; “The innocent voice accurately depicts the typical image of fathers”; “After your essay, most fathers must be startled to think again. More or less, mothers also get some help from their fathers thanks to this article. I suggest you take a look at yourself.”

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