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The heaviest boxing match on the planet: “God Thor” defeated “Mountain”

(Sports News – Boxing News) “God Thor” Hafthor Julius Bjornsson vs “The Rock” Eddie Hall in the heaviest match in boxing history.

Some notable situations in the match

World boxing fans have just witnessed the heaviest fight in history. “God Thor” Hafthor Julius Bjornsson weighs 157 kg vs “The Rock” Eddie Hall weighs 141 kg. In total, these two boxers weigh up to 298kg. British boxer Eddie Hall got in better, but “Thor” had a good response. At the end of the first half, Hall tore his right eyelid.

The heaviest boxing match on the planet: "God Thor"  knock down "Mountain"  - first

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall played better in the second half and Julius Bjornsson fell to the floor twice. But the Icelandic boxer showed great stamina and counterattacked in the third round. The referee needed to count Eddie Hall in this round but the British boxer got up in time.

In the fourth round, Bjornsson slowed down while Hall struggled with consecutive hooks. Unfortunately, this boxer’s efforts were unsuccessful as most of the punches missed. The next two rounds, both of them were physically down and their attacks were no longer standard.

Even so, “God Thor” still made the opponent fall again but there was no knock-out victory. In the end, Bjornsson won thanks to decisions from all 3 referees with a score of 57-54.

According to Ngoc Lam (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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