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The moment Ha Anh dispels this stressful atmosphere by contributing to a song…

Recently, Miss Universe Vietnam’s TikTok channel shared an extremely interesting moment with the spotlight belonging to supermodel Ha Anh. After watching the clip above, netizens immediately “jumped numbers” and simultaneously thought of a resounding sound in their heads…

Ha Anh “dance” to the song Model (Take My Picture) at the backstage of the show I Am Miss Universe 2022

Specifically, while resting on the set of the show I Am Miss Universe 2022, A piece of music very familiar to Ha Anh sounded. Immediately, she happily left the position, swayed her best to the music and also “showed off” a few “tense” poses for the audience to broaden their horizons.

The melody that comes from the song Model (Take My Picture), a pretty famous song by Ha Anh released more than 11 years ago. That was the period when Ha Anh intended to “cross the field”, but it is clear that over the years, the audience still finds that modeling is still the place where she shines the most.

Seeing the moment Ha Anh danced to this energetic music, netizens immediately exclaimed: “Ha Anh is trying to clear the stressful atmosphere with a song…” because this atmosphere is extremely suitable for the saying that has been going viral on social networks in the past few days.

Before that, in episode 5 The Next Gentleman broadcast on the evening of March 18, after the drama between Huong Giang – Ha Anh, Xuan Lan suddenly… would like to sing a song to serve everyone’s entertainment because the atmosphere is too tense: “To break this atmosphere, I’ll serve you a song…”

Ha Anh was not interested, she interrupted: “I’m begging you, no one wants to listen to the song right now, don’t waste your time, everyone here if you want to hear Ms. Xuan Lan sing, please buy tickets and stay after the show. Pharmacists Tien is doing his job and you are receiving a decision that will affect your life, your life, so don’t play with it.” Hearing that, Xuan Lan immediately said: “Is a knowledgeable person like Ha Anh so angry?”

Xuan Lan’s “classic” singing…

The moment of “heavenly and earth-shattering” response between Ha Anh and Xuan Lan was shared by netizens going viral on all social media platforms in the past few days with countless meme images, mocking clips, … received a lot of interaction. high. That’s why, as soon as Ha Anh danced and lip-synced to a song, even in another program, netizens couldn’t help but laugh and immediately think of the viral moment mentioned above.

Clip: TikTok – Gif: screen cut

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