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This is the regrettable dress that Do Thi Ha missed at Miss World 2021

Despite being in the top 13 Miss World 2021 with strength, showing all talents and skills carefully honed in the past time, Do Thi Ha still leaves many regrets when not going deeper into the inner circle. Not only did not have the opportunity to show off her talent, the beauty also lost the opportunity to wear a brilliant red dress because of the change of BTC.

Accordingly, the contest format has changed close to the final round, the Top 40 will wear a black dress to commemorate the victims of Ukraine. It is because of this change that Do Thi Ha cannot wear a stylish dress from designer Do Long.

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The red dress model with a hip slit helps Do Thi Ha show off her 1m1 long legs, slim and slim

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The red color helps to honor her bright white skin, and at the same time helps Miss Vietnam become the focus of every event. The skin-colored sheer layer is padded in front of the chest to prevent “revealing” and help the dress reach the sexy look it needs.

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This is a design that Do Long put a lot of creative effort into Do Thi Ha, from design to color to satisfy the aesthetic eye of the queen.

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Although she was not allowed to wear this costume at the final night, the beauty still kept beautiful moments with the dress on the night of Charity Gala.

Red has become the color that the Vietnamese representative uses with great frequency during the time of attending Miss World 2021.

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