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Tomorrow, gasoline prices will fall?

Gas price Recently, world oil has been on a strong downward trend. According to updated data of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the average price of finished gasoline on the Singapore market is $120.19 for RON 92 gasoline and $124.12 per barrel for RON 95.

Similarly, prices of oils also tend to decrease sharply. Diesel oil reached the level of 111 USD/barrel at many times while in the previous period, there was a time when it jumped to 176 USD/barrel.

Representatives of a number of petroleum companies said that the specific reduction in gasoline prices in the adjustment period on March 21 needs to be further calculated and depends on the setting up of the stabilization fund of the operating agency. .

In the domestic market, from the beginning of 2022, gasoline prices have increased by 25-40%. On March 11, the retail price of gasoline and oil in the country increased by nearly 3,000 VND/liter, bringing the price of RON 95 and E5 RON 92 gasoline to historic highs of VND 29,820/liter and VND 28,985/liter.

Compared to the beginning of the year, gasoline prices have increased by 4,625 – 7,030 VND/liter, kg depending on the type, while the world price of petroleum products fluctuates by 44 – 60% when oil prices escalate.

In the Vietnamese market, on the morning of March 20, the price of gasoline on the market was not higher than the price:

– E5RON92 gasoline: not higher than 28,985 VND/liter,

– RON 95 gasoline is not higher than 29,824 VND/liter,

– Diesel oil not higher than 25,268 VND/liter,

– Kerosene not higher than 23,918 VND/liter,

– Fuel oil is not higher than 20,987 VND/kg.

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