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Tottenham 3-1 West Ham Football Results – Premier League Results

Son Heung-min impressed with a double goal to help Tottenham overcome West Ham with a score of 3-1.


Tottenham: Lloris, Romero, Dier, Davies, Doherty, Reguilon, Hojbjerg, Bentancur, Kulusevski, Son Heung Min, Kane.

West Ham: Fabianski, Johnson, Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell, Rice, Soucek, Benrahma, Masuaku, Lanzini, Antonio.

Goal: Zouma 9′ (own goal), Son 24′, 88′ – Benrahma 35′

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Beating West Ham, Spurs climb to 5th place

Goals (3-1): From goalkeeper Lloris’ kick, Harry Kane headed the assist for Son Heung-min to sneak down to beat Fabianski in the face-to-face phase.


Tottenham 3-1 West Ham Football Results – Premier League Results

Son Heung-min tore the net of the away team

Hojbjerg cleverly poked a slot for Harry Kane to sneak down and flick the outside of his right foot, but the ball went over the bar unfortunately.

Harry Kane can’t have his own goal yet

Harry Kane pushed the ball for Reguilon to speed up, but the final kick was too light.

Tottenham are playing counter-attack. Kulusevski received the ball on the right wing and then turned to cut the left foot but did not hit the target.

West Ham are pushing up the squad in search of an equalizer. Yarmolenko had just entered the field with a narrow finish that went to the back edge of the net.

West Ham are attacking high

Cresswell correctly stretched for Antonio to cushion the close, but the kick was too reckless.

Son Heung-min baited the ball favorably for Kane to rush down to face Fabianski. Unfortunately, the English striker could not finish successfully.

The first 45 minutes ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of Tottenham

Harry Kane finished the long range but goalkeeper Fabianski fell into a hug.

Goals (2-1): From the corner of the left wing, Benrahma quickly kicked from a distance of about 10m to shorten the score to 1-2.

Benrahma scored for the away team

Reguilon fired a cannon with his left foot outside the box, but the ball went over the bar.

Goals (2-0): Harry Kane poked a very good slot for Son Heung-min to escape and shoot with his left foot, doubling the gap for Tottenham.



Son Heung-Min speaks out

The two teams are playing an interesting duo. Kulusevski jumped down and passed the ball to Son Heung-min to kick right into the post.

West Ham immediately had a chance to equalize when Antonio stole the ball in the Spurs box. Unfortunately, the corner kick sent the ball flying down the vertical post.

Goal (1-0): Harry Kane penetrated the penalty area and then stretched uncomfortably inside. Attempts to intercept Son Heung-min caused central defender Zouma to kick his own goal.



Zouma owns an own goal

The game begins.



Tottenham and West Ham line-ups



Spurs players enthusiastically practice

Force information

Tottenham: Tanganga, Skipp, Sessegnon injured.

West Ham: Coufal, Ogbonna, Bowen injury.

Tottenham really want to get all 3 points
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