Tran Hung Dao bridge should not have the same structure as Chuong Duong and Long Bien bridges

The investment project of Tran Hung Dao bridge in Hanoi, with a capital of about 9,000 billion VND, is being organized by the Hanoi Traffic Project Management Board to display architectural design options.

After more than 2 months of organizing the competition, the unit organizing the architectural plan of Tran Hung Dao bridge across the Red River has selected 3 most outstanding works to submit to the Hanoi People’s Committee. In particular, the 12th option of the design consultancy consortium including NIWA Architecture Co., Ltd. – Chodai & Kiso-Jiban Vietnam Co., Ltd. – Chodai Co., Ltd. – NH Village Architectural Design Co., Ltd. was judged by the Council. test for the highest score.

The highlight of this plan is image of Tran Hung Dao bridge with waves winding on the arch of the bridge.

Before the competent authority approves the optimal design plan, VietNamNet received an article from engineer Nguyen Thanh Lap (Hanoi) giving 2 recommendations about Tran Hung Dao bridge project. Below is the author’s article.

About the location of Tran Hung Dao bridge, about halfway between Chuong Duong and Thanh Tri bridges. The bridge crosses the Red River, the south bank will connect with Tran Hung Dao street (section in Hoan Kiem district). The North bank will connect with Nguyen Van Linh street (National Highway 5A section, Long Bien district) is completely suitable.

Tran Hung Dao bridge should not have the same structure as Chuong Duong and Long Bien bridges
Architectural design of Tran Hung Dao bridge

However, I have Proposing the Project Management Unit (PMU) of Hanoi Traffic and the Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee on the project of Tran Hung Dao Bridge.

OLDIn the not too distant future, when the construction is completed, it will be one of the very large “big” real estate and infrastructure works, eternal, massive and famous in the capital. Hanoi – our civilized and modern Vietnam.

Therefore, first of all, according to the Bridge and Road major, we must determine that Tran Hung Dao Bridge is an eternal bridge. If it is an eternal bridge, it must have a permanent structure.

The most economical and optimal permanent structure, until this 21st Century, is still a prestressed reinforced concrete structure (also known as a prestressed reinforced concrete structure) – not a prestressed reinforced concrete structure. steel arches, or “upper polygon” steel structures such as Long Bien bridge, or “straight upper boundary” steel structures such as Chuong Duong bridge…

Thus, classifying bridges by structure, I think, will not be Steel bridges like Long Bien, Chuong Duong, but “Tran Hung Dao” bridge will be “prestressed reinforced concrete bridges”. The rest of the bridge’s railing, the makeup, the architecture of the two sides of the bridge, or the bridge gate (if necessary) … are only structural, not bearing properties of the bridge.

Therefore, recently, the mass media agency explained the design plan of Tran Hung Dao bridge, which is a steel arch bridge with an infinity ring architecture, an endless symbol of space and time with stable development. The decision of Hanoi in particular and the whole country in general… needs to be reconsidered.

Tran Hung Dao bridge should not have the same structure as Chuong Duong and Long Bien bridges
Chuong Duong Bridge belongs to the type of steel bridge with “straight upper boundary” steel structure.

Moreover, in the bridge piers, the architecture is also designed to serve the people who come to visit and admire the scenery… making public opinion laugh and say, “The sight of the Observatory has not been seen yet, but will be seen. This station does not exclude – will create conditions, aiding the negative people to approach, get used to “flowing away river”…

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Nguyen Thanh Lap (Hanoi)

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