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Uncertainties, risks often occur?

Deaths from…beauty

Around 11:30 on March 18, Ms. NTNN (SN 1989, Dong Thap hometown) was hospitalized for breast augmentation surgery at Hospital 1A. Accompanied by family and close friends. The family also has someone who has had breast augmentation surgery, so they know the procedure and time for the surgery. At about 3pm on the same day, due to waiting too long without hearing any news about the results, the family member asked the medical staff to be told that the patient under anesthesia had not yet woken up, so he could not be seen.

After a long time, the BV still did not announce the patient’s condition and did not allow to see Ms. N. Worried and suspicious, the relatives of Ms. N. went to find and found out where Ms. N. was lying. However, she was already in a state of death before she was found!

The family was very disgruntled, saying that their loved one had unfortunately died, but the family did not see the hospital leader come down to work or explain, only the doctor who directly performed breast augmentation surgery came to apologize. The family was still confused, the BV asked to pay the full hospital fee to bring the relatives’ bodies back.

According to the family, the patient has a history of asthma, has just recovered from COVID-19 for about 3 months, and has low blood pressure. However, the doctor of BV 1A examined and confirmed that he was eligible for surgery. Before the surgery, the family also transferred money through the account to the doctor (who is familiar with the family) to perform the surgery 40 million VND, which is the cost of breast augmentation.

Immediately after the incident, a member of the surgical team offered to send the family 20 million VND to send to the victim’s child, but the family refused, only asking for an autopsy to clarify the cause. The cause of death of Ms. N.

Death from plastic surgery: Uncertainty, where do risks often occur?  - Photo 1.

The Tan Binh District Police Agency of Ho Chi Minh City had a working session on the night of March 18 at 1A Hospital after receiving information about the case.

On the morning of March 19, talking to the reporter of the CAND Newspaper, Mr. Tang Chi Thuong, director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, said that the Department had grasped the above information and asked the hospital to quickly report the case right away. March 19 morning.

In the morning of March 19, the autopsy of the patient will be carried out at the Forensic Examination Center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Do Quang Hung, former Head of the Department of Cosmetic Surgery, Cho Ray Hospital, said that when there is a need to undergo surgery and cosmetic surgery, life safety must be the first priority. First of all, customers have to find out carefully where they will go to beautify.

It is necessary to be examined and perform surgery in a general hospital with many specialties, so that the specialties can support each other when unfortunate incidents occur. Currently, the private hospital opens a lot of plastic surgery services, while the human resources are still modest. In fact, there are many private hospitals that cannot afford to hire a team of surgery and anesthesia, or do not have enough staff in the post-operative monitoring team.

Meanwhile, the postoperative follow-up is extremely important. Similar incidents are common in places where there is a shortage of staff for post-operative monitoring. When death occurs, it is not known what the patient died for. Patient N. died with a history of asthma, this disease did not pay attention to the plastic surgery specialist.

When the patient has other comorbidities, they must be closely monitored and detected in time. Postoperatively can be after 1 hour, 2 hours, up to 6 hours after surgery, very important. Patients are monitored blood pressure, breathing rate, Sp02, can detect whether the patient is bleeding or not, has an asthma attack, or because the bandage is too tight, the patient cannot breathe. All these risks can be detected through the Monitor screen. If careless, risks to the patient easily occur.

Regarding the fact that 3 months ago, victim N. had COVID-19, Dr. Quang Hung also analyzed, at present the majority of COVID-19 cases are Omicron strains, symptoms are usually mild, rarely transferred. lung injury. When receiving the disease, the doctor also needs to be careful, may not accept surgery at this time. Patients should be admitted to have plastic surgery at a hospital with a COVID-19 department.

Not all doctors are knowledgeable about COVID-19, well handle disease situations that arise related to post-COVID-19 patients. According to Dr. Hung, in order to have a safe beauty treatment, customers must be alert, choose a BV with enough specialties and in beauty services, have a team of fully qualified personnel with sufficient expertise in surgery and care.

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