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UNESCO lists bleached Great Barrier Reef as “in danger”?

In 2021, Coral reef Great Barrier of Australia, one world Heritagewas not listed as “in danger” for a second time after Canberra negotiated and strongly persuaded to UNESCO The decision has been postponed until this year.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority said in a weekly update that most marine parks had been affected by “significant heat stress” during the summer, with water temperatures in some areas. the area is 2 – 4°C above average.

Specifically, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority announced an update on its website: “Bleaching has been detected throughout the marine park at a widespread and variable rate in many areas, with mild to severe impacts.“.

Aerial surveys have shown that the entire reef has been bleached in some locations, and in some areas there have been reports of coral dying.

UNESCO lists bleached Great Barrier Reef as endangered?  - Photo 1.

The Great Barrier Reef is facing bleaching. (Photo: Reuters)

Australian authorities confirmed:Corals across marine park vulnerable to ongoing warming“.

UNESCO experts will be in Australia for 10 days from March 21 to meet scientists, regulators, policymakers from the country’s state governments and residents’ representatives, a spokesperson said. Member of the Australian Federal Environment Department.

The team will report to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, which is scheduled to meet in June.

Australian officials have been criticized for not making adequate efforts to save the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef, despite the country’s increased budget to improve water quality and monitor coral reefs. and environmental protection to AUD 1 billion ($ 738 million) this year.

While investing in these programmes, Canberra has set less ambitious targets to limit carbon emissions, which cause warming of the oceans, by 2030 than the US, UK and European Union.

Conservation Australia chief executive officer Kelly O’Shanassy said:Only urgent action on climate change will give coral reefs a chance for survival“.

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