Using AI, how this service has turned lifeless security cameras into magic eyes for businesses

What’s more, these cameras can still only passively observe activities in the environment instead of automatically analyzing and giving results to the user.

This causes many significant inconveniences for users. A typical example is the banking system with thousands of transaction offices scattered throughout the country. If banks were to rely on conventional security cameras to gauge the performance of their transaction offices, banks would need someone to keep the camera on all the time – a boring and inefficient job, as well as a waste of money especially for the banking sector. large number of trading rooms to monitor.

Using AI, this service has turned lifeless security cameras into gods for businesses - Photo 1.

Security cameras need an AI brain to meet the rapidly growing new demands from users.

Another problem for security cameras is data storage, a headache for businesses that have to equip a large number of cameras, typically banks. Circular 09/2020 stipulates that banks must “have a surveillance camera system and store surveillance data for at least 90 days.”

With a system of hundreds of transaction offices and thousands of ATM locations, if banks still use traditional storage solutions with physical recorders, banks will have to spend a huge amount of money on shopping. storage devices as well as personnel for operation and maintenance to ensure adequate data storage capacity.

That’s why a banking unit in the TOP 20 in Vietnam chose to equip with VNG Cloud’s AI camera vCloudcam, a solution that can solve many problems at the same time when equipped with security cameras.

Using AI, how this service has turned lifeless security cameras into gods for businesses - Photo 2.

In addition, vCloudcam is also selected by many other partners including Highlands Coffee chain, restaurants of QSR Vietnam company (with restaurant chains The PizzaCompany, Dairy Queen and Swensen’s), Betrimex food factory, chain stores T99 and even urban areas like Phu My Hung and An Phong

The above partners are proof that vCloudcam can solve the problems that many banks and businesses are facing. So how can vCloudcam’s solution solve the above problem?

Comprehensive AI solution for security cameras

Thanks to VNG Cloud’s years of trained computer vision technology, cameras equipped with the vCloudcam AI service are capable of detecting motion, entering restricted areas or virtual fences, recognizing license plates and face. Besides, users can also configure to receive notifications conveniently via Zalo, email or even alert by speaker horn.

VNG Cloud quickly integrated vCloudcam solution and Amazon Website Service video surveillance method – the most comprehensive and widely accepted cloud computing platform globally to develop the “fall warning” feature. and successfully applied in many factories, factories, large construction sites. When there is an emergency situation, the camera system will immediately alarm the security and emergency response team (HSE) to take advantage of. maximize the “golden time” for first aid, shorten the travel time to the first aid site and minimize the casualties for workers in order to increase the chances of survival.

For places like bank transaction offices, these features become even more essential as they can both ensure operational security, while providing comfort and enhancing user experience for customers. goods to that transaction office.

Using AI, this service has turned lifeless security cameras into gods for businesses - Photo 3.

vCloudcam’s AI solution can automatically track, detect movements outside the allowed area and notify users.

In addition, when equipped at ATMs, the facial recognition feature can help banks authenticate customers’ identities so that they can withdraw money without carrying ATM cards. In addition, these features also help the bank to evaluate the performance of transaction offices and promotional campaigns by tracking the number of people entering the transaction offices after each program.

With the advantage of being one of the leading cloud service providers in Vietnam today, vCloudcam also benefits from other services in the company’s ecosystem, including the unlimited storage capacity of vStorage and secure server infrastructure – high performance of vServer, making large-scale data storage no longer a headache for banks and businesses.

With the above benefits, vCloudcam really breathes life into ordinary security cameras, turning them into magical eyes with automatic processing capabilities. This is especially important for systems that need to equip a large number of cameras, but still ensure operational and operational efficiency.

Besides, the features that vCloudcam and service ecosystem of VNG Cloud also open the door to enter the digital era for retail banks.

On March 25, at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel, an important event of the banking industry will take place, the Vietnam Retail Banking Conference 2021 (Vietnam Retail Banking 2021). One of the main topics of this seminar is the application of technology to the banking industry to meet new trends. Prominent among them include an automation solution to support retail banking operations, as well as a cloud computing solution that helps banks use their budgets more efficiently and offer more modern products.

This is also the goal that vCloudcam and VNG Cloud’s products are aiming for, so that not only the banking industry but also other businesses can save costs effectively and create new products.

vCloudcam is a comprehensive and intelligent camera system management solution on the cloud platform; help businesses centrally control cameras on the entire system anytime, anywhere, proactively protect security and manage assets. The product won the “Digital Technology Product Award” (Make in Vietnam) and the “Digital Transformation Award” (Vietnam Digital Awards) in 2020-2021 of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

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