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Van Duc bought a “super car” for his daughter, excitedly testing it with the little angel

Van Duc rides a “super car” with the support of his daughter

In the video, Van Duc sits on a toy mini-motorcycle diligently pushing the car to run. Van Duc’s body was too big for the car, so he had a hard time making the car move. Behind Van Duc, the daughter of Strawberry also tries to ride the car and her father to go faster.

Later, Strawberry always climbed into the car, hugging behind his father. Van Duc holds the child with one hand, and tries to let the car run with the other hand. It is known that this is a gift that he recently bought for his little daughter. Van Duc just sat up to test the quality only. In another photo, Van Duc and his daughter sat in a mini car, father and son showed interest, making his wife Nhat Linh laugh. The player, born in 1996, said that every car, Dau’s baby, forced his father to sit on it and play with him.

Van Duc bought a super car for his daughter, excitedly took a test drive with the little angel - Photo 2.

Van Duc rides a toy box with his children (Photo: Nhat Linh)

Witnessing Van Duc’s bulky car test, the players’ association pulled together to tease. Midfielder Bui Tien Dung thinks that Van Duc is winning toys with Strawberries. Van Duc also joked: “Children don’t play, old people make up”. A friend joked that Van Duc was rich so he bought a Vespa for his daughter because the price of gasoline was increasing, Duc Co confirmed that this car of Strawberry only needs to be charged to run.

Van Duc is currently enjoying a break with his family. He left Vietnam on March 15, when he had just joined the army. The same is true of Bui Tien Dung. The duo of players both suffered injuries while playing in the V.League and did not recover in time to attend the last two matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Oman and the upcoming Japan team.

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