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Verse 13 is poignant for all men

Referring to the classic martial arts novels, it is impossible not to mention the name Ancient Dragon – Taiwanese writer specializing in writing famous martial arts novels for a while. Some of his works have been made into movies, the most of which is Tieu Thap Nhat Lang. He is an all-time famous swordplay author, the originator of the new line of swordplay novels.

Co Long’s wuxia novels have a modern style, profound philosophy, very different from those of martial arts novelists of the same time and before. The characters in his works are real people, good and bad, sometimes wrong, sometimes right, passionate about drinking like Co Long himself.

In the golden period 1965-1979, he wrote very energetically. There are works, great characters that make Co Long become as famous as Kim Dung – and they are the two biggest authors of the martial arts novel village.

15 classic sayings in the novel Co Long: Verse 13 is poignant for all men - Photo 1.

Writer Co Long – author of famous swordplay series such as Tieu Ly Phi Dao, Tieu Thap Nhat Lang… Photo: Baidu

Referring to the philosophical lessons about life and love, it is impossible not to mention 15 classic sayings drawn from 3 famous works in the martial arts series “Tieu Ly Phi Dao” by Co Long – “Lots of love”. Searching for customers by accident”, “Thien Che – Minh Nguyet – Dao”, “Romantic Bien Thanh”. These philosophies all make the reader think.

15 philosophical sentences from Gu Long’s classic novel

1. A most trusted friend is often the worst enemy, but the scariest enemy is the best friend. Because only your enemies understand you best.

2. Forgetting the grace of others is easy, but forgetting the grudge against others is too difficult, so in this world, sadness is always more than joy.

3. If a person realizes he is a fool, it means that he has gradually become wiser.

4. People who are heartbroken, if they know other people are also heartbroken, the pain will be lessened. If people lose money, if they know that other people have lost more money than themselves, they will feel much more comfortable.

5. No matter how much a person cares for his lover, it will gradually fade over time, but for his enemies, it is different.

15 classic sayings in the novel Co Long: Verse 13 is poignant for every man - Photo 3.

Illustration. Source: Baidu.

6. Most people have to see something in front of their eyes, see what it looks like, to be willing to admit its value, but they don’t know that the value of the invisible is sometimes much higher than that. more than tangible things.

7. When discovering their true worth, people always feel that they have lost something, which is one of the inevitable human sadness.

8. The more emotional people are, the more they become cruel.

9. The better the wine, the more fragrant it is, the more attractive the older women become.

10. Only those who know enough are truly happy.

15 classic sayings in the novel Co Long: Verse 13 is poignant for all men - Photo 5.

Illustration. Source: Baidu.

11. Most people in this world live for others – some for those they love, and some for those they hate – both equally painful.

12. People who “know” speak, often those who don’t.

13. In human life, there are 3 things that should not be done, done and will regret later, that is gambling with addicts, measuring alcohol tolerance with alcoholics, and daring to praise other women in front of their wives.

14. Two intellectually distant people can become friends, but never enemies.

15. If a person’s martial arts have reached the pinnacle, there will be a kind of fear in his heart, that is, fear of others catching up with him, fear that he will fall behind. At such times, we often think of hiding, not daring to do anything.

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