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Volvo gives a new car to a man who is loyal to a 31-year old car

For 31 years, the man living in America has put aside all the rapidly changing automotive technology to stick with the old Volvo with an unchanging love.

A video broadcast on FOX 2 TV channel has received the attention of car lovers. In this video, the reporter chats with Jim O’Shea who lives in St. Louis about his experience with the car that has been with him for 31 years. It’s a sedan Volvo 740 GLE.

Jim O’Shea bought a Volvo 740 GLE in 1991 and since then, a lot has changed around him, but he still sticks with the car.

Jim said that when he first bought a Volvo 740 GLE, he argued with his father because he wanted to buy one Ford. Jim was so confident about the car that he said back then that he would drive it for 1 million miles.

Volvo gives a new car to a man who is loyal to a 31-year old car
Jim O’Shea with a Volvo bought in 1991 and used until now.

According to Jim, this is a car built for the common man and it’s pretty cool and easy to maintain. Even an ordinary man can do small jobs on the car like changing lights or doing minor maintenance.

Driving a car to reach 1 million miles is an achievement few can achieve in a car. With Jim, to get to this number he had to repair the engine and change the transmission at 500,000 miles (804,672 km). Even he has never been in an accident with the car, but his wife, on the contrary, has damaged several times while driving.

After decades, the skin on the Volvo has started to rust in a few places, but it can still reach a top speed of 120 km / h and for Jim that is too satisfied for me.

Impressed with Jim’s love for cars that stick with him for half a lifetime, Volvo Cars USA dealer decided to honor Jim with a gift of a 2022 Volvo S60 model (starting at $43,610). Attached to the car is a free care package for 2 years (including maintenance, tire change, insurance).

Reportage about Jim O’Shea with the car attached for half a person’s life.

Jim O’Shea told the dealership manager that he wanted to go 1 million miles on a Volvo S60 like he did with the old car.

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