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Worried about helping an old classmate give birth

He was really worried. He does not want to be associated with the Page in any way, for any reason. In his love, there was never a place for Trang…

Worried about helping an old classmate give birth

The person on the other line was confused. I apologize for disturbing Thanh Tam on the weekend. He has settled in Germany for more than ten years, has built a family with a Vietnamese girl who also went to Germany to do business. He and his wife have had children, family happiness is considered as warm. In Vietnam, he also has parents and relatives on both sides, so every year, he arranges to visit his hometown.

Once back home, accidentally on the occasion of a class meeting in high school, his friends knew that he had returned home to drag him away. At the class meeting that day, he sat next to Trang, a very gentle and shy childhood friend. Trang is loving and easy to see, but so far she has not built a family.

That day, he and Trang talked a lot. Trang graciously asked about his life in a foreign country, shared with him about nostalgia for his homeland and friends. Trang also invited him after the meeting to visit her house. He was surprised to see that his once gentle girlfriend was now bolder and more confident. In the drunken yeast, he also saw the beautiful and salty Trang.

After the class meeting ended, he went home to visit her. Trang told him about her unfinished love. Trang used to love, used to prepare to get on a flower car to her husband’s house. However, for some reason, her fiancé “left her property and ran for someone”, leaving her embarrassed because the groom did not perform the wedding ceremony. Trang has no chance to come to anyone anymore because no one accepts a person who was once abandoned like her.

Trang sobbed to him: Now that she is over 30 years old, she no longer thinks about getting married. But she looked at him imploringly: “Trang wants to be a mother, a single mother”. She said, she just needs to have a child, let her take care of it, give it love, so that she can have a place to lean on in old age, to help relieve the lonely and lonely part.

Trang asked him to help her achieve that dream. She promised to ask him only once and not to disturb him, to his later life. Her secret and his forever only she knows. The sympathy, the jolt of the yeast, the common lust… compromised.

It is true that only once, but the sensitivity of a woman who aspires to be a mother has come true. Pregnant page. He found out when he was back in Germany and she called to tell him the news. At that time, he also felt sorry for his wife, but secretly consoled him, he was just helping a friend, like many people in his life “help each other” in the form of “direct sperm request” service at a hospital. there. Only one thing is different, that service, the giver and the receiver do not know each other, do not see each other’s faces. And he and Trang were childhood friends.

Unexpectedly, after giving birth, Trang often called him. The first time was telling stories, showing him how cute he was, how he looked like him, what he knew how to do. As time went on, Trang expressed her feelings of longing and anticipation for him.

Trang hinted far away about many things, she told her son to feel sorry for himself when he did not have a father. She felt sorry for herself when the neighbors protested “without a husband but with children” and life was hard to raise children, she could not afford to raise children alone. Once, Trang even questioned him about publicizing “the story of two people”. She wants, when he comes home to visit, that time he spends with her mother and child…

He was really worried. He does not want to be associated with the Page in any way, for any reason. In his love, there was never a place for Trang. Now you know what to say to your wife and children, to your parents, relatives on both sides, neighbors? He has not been able to return home for 3 years, he and his wife are planning to bring their children back to visit their homeland and grandparents.

Thanh Tam advised him to call Trang. Apologize to her for being rashly implementing her plan, pushing her into unforeseen difficulties. And he did not anticipate all the problems. You can think about what responsibility you have for your child. But let’s be frank, the love story between him and her has absolutely nothing deep.

He had a family and loved and protected that family. She should treat and act so that he respects the good friendship between the two, a friendship that will never go further. No matter how far things were pushed, he was not by her mother’s side. Thanh Tam also advised him, the epidemic situation is complicated, he has not brought his wife and children to visit his hometown in a hurry.

When writing his story, Thanh Tam hopes that his student friend has understood the problem. Human greed will never see what they have is enough. Don’t expect too much, so that all that’s left is regrets and regrets. Married men should be more careful with what they are doing, don’t let it become a pity, there is no chance to correct it.

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