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2 habits that need to be done urgently to stabilize blood sugar

In our country, prevalence of diabetes rapidly growing and getting younger. There are many people with diabetes aged 25-30 without even knowing it.

Diabetes is a condition of high blood glucose, a chronic disease that cannot be cured. In Vietnam, up to 55% of diabetic patients have complications, especially in the eye, cardiovascular, nerve and kidney areas. Hence the work blood sugar control It is very important to prevent complications.


Observe even the smallest changes in yourself to promptly intervene. If the body has these 3 symptoms at night, watch out for blood sugar levels that are too high.

When sleeping, the body sends out these 3 signals, need to watch out for excessively high blood sugar

1. When I was sleeping, I suddenly felt hungry

If you have eaten a full meal at dinner and still feel hungry when you go to bed, it is most likely a sign of abnormal blood sugar metabolism. That makes nutrition, the amount of sugar entering the body is not fully tolerated, making the body weak and constantly feeling hungry.

If this happens often, you can go to the hospital to have your blood sugar checked.

2. Itchy skin in the middle of the night

People with high blood sugar often experience itchy skin. Why is that so?

According to Dr. JI Li-nong (head of the department of endocrinology, Peking University People’s Hospital), when blood sugar rises, the body loses water and reduces blood flow to nourish the skin. In addition, the damaged nerves make the sweat secretion process in the skin disordered, causing dry skin, itching a lot, especially in the skin of the hands and feet.

3. Leg numbness in the middle of the night

When the glycemic index is high, the microvessels will face a very high possibility of damage. That will lead to a lack of nutrients for the nerves, causing the nerves to become numb. People with diabetes will often feel numbness in the tips of their toes, especially when lying down and inactive.

Do 2 things to keep blood sugar stable

1. Walk hard every day

Currently, many people believe that regular walking has the effect of lowering blood sugar, while others think that this way only makes diabetics more exhausted. So what is the final answer?

Walking is one of the healthiest ways to exercise. If a person maintains a gentle walk after a meal, it will have the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis, promoting digestion. Regular walking can also promote physical health, while helping to burn fat and lower blood sugar levels.


According to data in the Journal of Diabetes published in 2019: People with diabetes who maintain the habit of walking for half an hour a day have lower blood sugar than those who do not.

Walking is especially suitable for people with diabetes. However, just relying on walking is not enough, you also have to control your daily diet.

2. Stay away from 2 vegetarian dishes that raise blood sugar

The first is lotus root: Lotus root has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, liver clearance, lung laxative, and also promotes the detoxification process in the body. However, the starch content in lotus root is quite high, not suitable for diabetics.


– Pickles: Pickles contain a large amount of salt, which is harmful to the health of blood vessels and adversely affects the process of breaking down sugar in the blood. Therefore, people with high blood sugar should eat less pickles.

Instead of using the above 2 dishes, diabetics can increase the supplement:

– Bitter melon because it is rich in vitamins and fiber, has the effect of slowing down the absorption of sugar in food, and at the same time increasing the metabolism and use of sugar. According to related studies, the chemical structure of bitter melon extract is similar to insulin, which has the function of lowering blood sugar. Therefore, compared with other foods, the blood sugar-lowering effect of bitter melon is great.

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Onions are also a food that helps reduce blood sugar effectively. It not only contains substances that stimulate insulin synthesis and secretion, but also has the effect of supporting the treatment of diabetes. hien-gap-2-viec-de-duong-huyet-duoc-on-dinh-20220320235312521.chn

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