4 harsh truths about men’s betrayal

When husbands are no longer happy with their wives, do they betray them? Not quite like that!

Is it when the husband no longer feels happy with his wife, will they betray? Not quite like that!

For the most part, men feel satisfied with all that they have. But deep inside, they find themselves easily when “in bed” with another girl.

Here are the hard facts about the betrayal, promiscuity of men. You definitely need to know:

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1. Most men are promiscuous but still love their wives

Men cheat when they are not satisfied with their current situation. They resigned in silence, trusting that they would not receive anything from their partner, so they had an affair, even though they still loved their wife.

Therefore, husband and wife should spend a lot of time “making love”, talking about each other’s desires and desires. Don’t just ask about stories about money and raising children.

2. Even if a man chooses to cut it off, he still remembers his ex

Sadly, men may love their wives and want to save their marriages, but they can’t completely forget their exes. They often remember the good things they have experienced with other women such as when they were pursuing, making love or having fun together.

Men remember themselves when expressing themselves with that lover. This is quite a dangerous thing when they are in a marriage.

3. Men always cheat with “acquaintances”

Men cheating is not simply a random match with a strange girl. That’s not true about infidelity, opposite relationships are often rooted in friendships or in the workplace.

So women, try to be a husband and have a connection with each other. Both of you should do everything together, increase the cuddles to keep the relationship sweet.

4 truths about the betrayal of men girls should know to avoid!-2

4. Adultery once, there will be a second time

When a man adultery, they think they will not be detected. When discovered, if their wives forgive them, they take it lightly.

And the next time they have an affair, they will be more careful not to be detected. If discovered, they will use the old “tricks” or grab the wife’s weakness to get forgiveness.

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