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After many years of losing huge money, now Vietnam has a solution

On March 21, the General Department of Taxation held a conference to announce the electronic portal for foreign suppliers ( and deploy the eTax Mobile application.

In Vietnam, e-commerce activities are in a boom period with a very high annual growth rate.

According to the Vietnam E-commerce White Paper, in 2020, the growth rate of e-commerce will reach 18%, the scale will reach 11.8 billion USD and is the only country in Southeast Asia with double-digit e-commerce growth. Many large corporations in the world, such as Google, have made comments on the possibility that the scale of Vietnam’s digital economy will exceed the threshold of 52 billion USD and hold the third position in the ASEAN region by 2025.

After many years of losing huge money, now Vietnam has a solution
The launch of this portal will help collect taxes from multinational companies that do not have a branch in Vietnam.

This practice requires appropriate and timely adaptations, not only to effectively manage but also create conditions to promote the development of activities. ecommerce; at the same time creating a level playing field between traditional business and e-commerce business, between domestic business activities and cross-border business activities.

According to the General Department of Taxation, the peculiarity of overseas suppliers is that they do not have a permanent establishment in Vietnam, and their business activities are mainly conducted through the digital environment and on Internet applications. As a result, the traditional forms of tax registration, declaration and payment as before will no longer be appropriate and difficult to implement.

In order to respond well to the new situation, improve the efficiency of tax administration as well as create favorable conditions for foreign suppliers to fulfill their tax obligations to the Vietnamese state budget in the course of business, the General Department of Taxation has actively research and build a portal exclusively for foreign suppliers.

This is not only an address for foreign suppliers to register, declare and pay taxes, but also a place where foreign suppliers can look up information and learn about the tax legal system. and relevant legal policies on the field of e-commerce in Vietnam.

In addition, so that individuals and business households can easily look up and access information on tax laws and regulations, their tax obligations, and make tax payments in a simple and easy way. easiest and most convenient with the introduction of Electronic tax service application on mobile devices Etax-Mobile.

The fact that the Tax industry expands communication channels to support information about tax obligations, tax declaration, and tax payment anytime and anywhere is not only convenient for people but also contributes to limiting social contact in the community. the context of the Covid-19 epidemic and the promotion of cashless payments.

The General Department of Taxation said that it will continue to maintain and operate the electronic portal system for foreign suppliers and the eTax Mobile system to ensure continuous, stable and smooth operation 24/7.

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