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Are the deep sea super monsters real?

The existence of super monsters in the deep sea?  - Photo 1.

Kraken is a terrifying giant sea creature.

The story of Kraken caused scientists a headache to find a solution. Are they real or is it just fiction?

The Kraken is perhaps the greatest monster in the history… of man’s imagination.

Originating in Northern Europe, the Kraken emerges as a ferocious ferocious deity, churning seas from Norway, Iceland, and as far away as Greenland.

On ships at sea, people told each other about a giant octopus or terrifying giant squid that attacked ships suddenly.

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Some stories even describe the Kraken as being so large that its body could be mistaken for an island in the sea.

It is known that the Kraken appears in records from the time of King Sverre of Norway in 1180, with a shape described as resembling a giant squid.

Since the 13th century, everything about Kraken seems to be discussed more vividly, it is mentioned through a story involving two sea monsters named Hafgufa and Lyngbakr.

In 1250, another report on the Kraken was recorded in a Norwegian scientific work describing the Kraken’s eating habits mainly by trapping fish around by releasing food from its mouth. Others argue that the beast emits a strong and peculiar scent when it wants to feed.

Most research scholars believe that the Kraken is based on one or more fusion of giant squid or octopus species.

Some have suggested that the Kraken is an even larger giant squid, but could be a giant squid that lived near Antarctica, not Scandinavia.

Swedish author Jacob Wallenberg described the Kraken in his 1781 work as being able to rise out of water.

When he reaches 10-12 years old, Kraken is like a floating island, able to spray water from his fearsome nostrils and make the water swirl around for kilometers.

In 1853, scientist Steenstrup received a very large squid tooth (squid beak) from a squid that washed up on the coast of Denmark.

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A real-life giant squid was found drifting in the sea.

After the restoration process, he concluded that this was a new species, named Architeuthis dus – meaning “dominant squid” in Latin.

And most of all, this squid is also the deified prototype of the Kraken in the previous myths!

However, it is believed that the Kraken monster as big as an oasis can lie on the seabed and emerge at any time when disturbed by large ships.

No one knows how long they live, how they mate, how they migrate, or how they make sounds. In a word, this animal has so far remained a mystery.

Many genetic documents show that the giant squid Architeuthis dus lived about 730,000 years ago.

The existence of super monsters in the deep sea?  - Photo 6.

Image of a giant squid captured by the camera.

They are rarely seen by humans because they live in very deep water from 396 to 914m below the sea – in the deepest, darkest places on this Earth.

They are also the inspiration to create many species of sea monsters in the legendary treasure of mankind from hundreds of years ago, such as the Kraken sea monster in Norse mythology, or the giant octopus in the novel “Twenty Thousand Years”. miles under the sea” by the great writer Jules Verne.

To date, the largest giant squid ever recorded has a length of up to 13 meters, but scientists believe they can reach lengths of up to 20 meters. In addition, they are also the animals with the largest eyes in the world, with a diameter of up to 30 cm, about the size of a basketball.

Giant squid has 8 small tentacles and 2 long tentacles to capture prey. But their tentacles don’t have any muscles to control their prey. So if faced with a sperm whale, they can just run away.

But much is still unknown about this sea monster, and as the sea water is getting warmer and more acidic, the giant squid is slowly dying without people noticing.

In fact, with so much of the deepest parts of the ocean still unexplored, the Kraken remains an intriguing mystery of its existence.

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