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Assassin ‘yellow raincoat’

South KoreaHaunted by a past of poverty, Yoo Young-chul kills 20 victims, both rich and prostitutes, committing the most horrific crimes in history. He always wore a yellow raincoat, even when he was arrested.

Yoo was born in 1970 in a poor village in Waha, in the northern province of Cheolla. The whole family lives in poverty. His father was a disabled veteran who received a large pension but put it all into gambling.

Parents’ marriages have always been contentious. In the end, the mother left Yoo and his three siblings with his grandmother and then disappeared. But her grandmother was also poor, so after a few years, she returned to her father to raise her.

Yoo was born with color blindness, since childhood he was aware that an unwanted child would be born. Apart from being ridiculed and bullied by the rich boys and girls in the same school, he grows in guilt, gradually turning into hatred for the rich.

Yoo Young-chul.  Photo: Cemetery review

Yoo Young-chul. Photo: Cemetery review

Despite having a traumatic childhood, Yoo excels in art, guitar, painting, singing, and dancing. After graduating, Yoo applied to high school for the arts, but failed his exams and had to enter technical school.

Yoo’s criminal path begins not with murder but with theft, from cash, cameras, cars, and even guitars. During his teenage years, Yoo was in a juvenile penitentiary.

Yoo has at least 14 previous convictions for robbery, rape, violence and fraud and is serving a total of seven years for these crimes.

In 1992, Yoo Young-chul married a masseuse named Hwang and had a son together. However, when Yoo was arrested for raping a 15-year-old man, his wife divorced.

While in prison, Yoo devises a plan to vent his hatred on others. On September 24, 2003, Yoo killed a 72-year-old wealthy professor and his wife.

From September to November 2003, Yoo continued to commit crimes with 8 rich old people by breaking into their homes, taking their lives with homemade hammers, and even setting fire to them.

To cover his tracks, Yoo creates scenes like robbery murders. However, no property was taken, and the victims had no relationship with each other, confusing the police.

Yoo Young-chul wears a yellow raincoat and mask as he watches police investigate the remains of buried victims in Seoul, South Korea, in July 2004. Photo: Newsweek

Yoo Young-chul wears a yellow raincoat and mask as he watches police investigate the search for bodies of victims in Seoul, South Korea in July 2004. Photo: nosunday week

In January 2004, Yoo was arrested for petty theft but was released two days later. The police later regretted holding the perpetrator in their hands without realizing it.

When he realizes that the police are starting to strengthen the investigation, Yoo is reminded of his old hatred for his ex-wife, and turns to target female massage therapists. With just a few tricks and a fake police card, Yoo easily takes home many prostitutes, murdered and dismembered.

From March to July 2004, Yoo killed 10 girls and always wore a yellow raincoat when committing crimes. Yoo was arrested while calling a local massage parlor and the owner recognized the number. Due to the recent disappearance of several employees, the owner, suspicious, immediately reported the police as soon as Yoo called back.

Yoo immediately confessed to killing 21 people, and even led the police to several places to dispose of the bodies.

He was diagnosed with no mental illness but had symptoms of antisocial disorder. Yoo also showed no remorse or concern for the crimes committed.

When asked about her motives, she said: “Women shouldn’t be prostitutes, and rich people should be aware of the bad things they’ve done.”

Yoo Young-chul at the time of his arrest, July 2004. Photo: Cheatsheet

Yoo Young-chul at the time of his arrest, July 2004. Photo: Cheatsheet

Prosecutors aren’t even sure if Yoo is telling the truth about the number of victims. Because he had a tendency to exaggerate, repeatedly saying that he would kill hundreds of people if he wasn’t caught.

Field experience and interrogation in court were also very difficult. Yoo would feign a seizure, rush to the judge and repeatedly report illness to avoid going to court.

Yoo was eventually charged with 20 murders. South Korea has not implemented the death penalty since 1997 and is eager to abolish the death penalty completely. However, this thought changed with Yoo’s cruel actions.

The Seoul Central District Court said: “The act of killing 20 people never took place. The death penalty is unavoidable given the immense pain he inflicted on the family in question and the entire society.” .

Yoo was sentenced to death, still awaiting execution at the Seoul Detention Center.

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