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Aubameyang, Barca hero: Psychological father and car enthusiast

Aubameyang, the hero who helped Barca beat Real Madrid 4-0, is a strict, family-oriented father with a passion for unique cars.

Adventures of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Barcelona are off to an impressive start. With a brace against Real Madrid in the Super Classic match, he was associated with the image of the famous comic character Son Goku.

Hero Aubameyang: An eccentric and passionate car dad
Aubameyang explodes with Barca

From Spider-Man to Son Goku

Not only is an excellent striker, Aubameyang is also known for his interesting images on the pitch, after scoring moments.

Aubameyang’s highlight is the times he transforms into famous comic characters, which he first performed when he was still wearing Saint-Etienne.

Aubameyang transformed into Spider-Man to honor goalkeeper Jeremie Janot. This 44-year-old former goalkeeper used to wear a Spider-man shirt to score goals when Auba was a child and greatly influenced him later.

After moving to Borussia Dortmund, the Gabon striker has many times played Spider-Man. He and Marco Reus also celebrated with masks of other comic book heroes, Batman and Robin.

Hero Aubameyang: An eccentric and passionate car dad
Aubameyang and family in Spiderman costume

Arsenal fans are also familiar with Spider-Man Aubameyang during his time at the Emirates. He also wears a Black Panther character mask.

During a birthday celebration of his son Pierre last year, he and his wife Alysha also used costumes or masks associated with the image of Peter Parker, which has been loved by generations around the world.

It seems that Auba is a person who loves comic books. In the last time he appeared on the field, he created a wave of enthusiasm with the style of Son Goku – a famous Japanese manga character.

Even in the first Super Classic match, Auba blew up the Bernabeu with a brace against Real Madrid, and an impressive assist with a heel strike, helping Barca won boldly 4-0.

The spectacular “El Clasico” – with 6 shots, 5 hits, creating 2 more chances – was embellished with a Goku-style celebration by Auba, featuring Shunkan Ido (Mobile Disguise) , a form of teleportation).

Hero Aubameyang: An eccentric psycho and car enthusiast
Aubameyang transforms into Son Goku in the Battle of Super Classics

Immediately, Barca fans called him “Goku Aubameyang”.

Psychological and strict father

In her luxury home in London, Aubameyang has a separate children’s room for her two children, Curtys and Pierre.

He describes this as “the craziest room in the house”. There is a large space with countless toys and characters.

“I remember that as a kid, I didn’t have a lot of space. I’m a father who wants the best for my kids, so I try to give them as much space as I can.”.

Aubameyang is a family man. In his house are old commemorative photos. The highlight is a family photo taken 15 years ago, including his grandmother – who passed away in 2016.

Being affectionate and pampering her children, Aubameyang is also very strict in raising children.

Hero Aubameyang: An eccentric psycho and car enthusiast
Aubameyang often plays with his boys but doesn’t let them win

This 32-year-old player often plays football with his children in the garden. He never let his children win, something that was sure to confuse many.

According to Auba, he wants to teach his children a winning mentality. That’s why he himself always wins every ball game.

“I always win, I always win”he explains his method. “I don’t want the kids to think that winning is easy. You have to work to win, so there’s no gift for them. They all understand I play to win.”.

In turn, after the failures, two boys Curtys and Pierre can find joy in the “crazy room”.

“Eccentric” cars

Aubameyang has long been known for its fun in cars. With a high income, he owns a collection of luxury cars.

Auba’s collection is more than just ordinary Lamborghinis and Ferraris. As described by former Arsenal captainhe plays “eccentric” car.

Hero Aubameyang: An eccentric and passionate car dad
Aubameyang with supercar collection

On Instagram there is no shortage of photos of the “eccentric” cars that Aubameyang mentioned.

In fact, those are unique cars to Auba’s taste. The bodywork that was originally gold or silver became rainbow colors when owned by him.

Aubameyang became a loyal customer of Yianni Charalambous, a world famous car tuner.

In addition to the rainbow colors Lamborghini and Ferrari, in Aubameyang’s garage there are Porsche, Range Rover, Audi and even a convertible Beetle.

From London to Barcelona is a huge cultural change. However, with his lifestyle, Aubameyang easily balances all aspects to immediately become a source of strength for the Catalunya giant.

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