Crying girl with a tattoo on her ankle

A woman has sobbed after getting a completely different tattoo from what she wanted.

The TikToker asked her tattoo artist to draw a picture of the earth, followed by the word “enjoy”. But what was written was not what she expected.

She posted a video on TikTok showing a photo of what she asked for and what she got on her body.

I am literally crying. These are ugly“, she said while crying and laughing in the video.

Crying girl with a tattoo on her ankle-1
Tattoo woman wishes to have

After the clip was posted, many people commented to leave sympathy for her.

Is that done with a pen?,” said one user in a comment.

Are people tattooing freely like that? It wouldn’t be this bad if he used a pencil“, said another user.

OMG… please tell me you didn’t pay‘ said another TikToker with a hand-switched face emoji.

The woman who posted the video responded, saying the tattoo company didn’t give her a chance to look closely before wrapping it up. She completed it at a mall in Maryland, the woman also explained in a comment.

Crying girl with a tattoo on her ankle-2
And seeing the tattoo she received made her cry and laugh

According to Dan Viet

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